After Salma Zafar, Actress Sherry Shah Also Made Allegations Against Jawariya and Saud

After Salma Zafar, Actress Sherry Shah Also Made Allegations Against Jawariya and Saud

Recently, senior actor Salma Zafar had accused actress Jawariya and her husband Saud of embezzling Rs 10 million. In a 35-minute video, Salma Zafar had claimed that Saud and Jawariya had spent Rs 10 million on them while thousands of rupees had been spent on ordinary employees.

The senior actress had also accused Saud and Jawariya of mistreating the employees of the production house and said that they used to feed the employees as a favor. The actress had alleged that Jawariya and Saud did not pay the salaries of the employees working on a monthly salary of Rs 7,000 while the workers working on a daily wage were paid four days for 10 days of work.

In the video, she admitted that she did not have any evidence of corruption in the jury and Saud and that they were embezzling money from employees, but she was telling the truth. Salma Zafar had also accused Saud of ridiculing women and eating their earnings.

After Salma Zafar's video went viral, although actress Jawariya had denied all the allegations, she later announced legal action against the actress. Two days ago, Jawariya had said in her Instagram post that she and her husband, actor Saud, were going to take legal action against actress Salma Zafar. The actress said in her post that her production house (JJ Productions) will take legal action against actress Salma Zafar for making false allegations.

At the same time, the actress wrote that her production house, she and her husband would also take action under the Cyber ​​Crimes Act against those who shared a video of Salma Zafar's allegations without any confirmation. However, now another actress has also come forward against Jawariya and her husband Saud, accusing them of embezzling at least Rs 9 million.

Actress Sherry Shah claimed in a nearly 10-minute video on Instagram that Jawariya and Saud owed her Rs 9 million. Sherry Shah said in her video that she worked with JJS Productions in this life and this love serial for 7 to 10 years and she was paid only Rs 1 million.

Sherry Shah said that she was forced to make this video because despite her best efforts, Jawariya and Saud are not contacting her and she got courage after watching Salma Zafar's video. Sherry Shah also said in the caption that she also sent legal notices to Jawariya and Saud for not paying.

Sherry Shah said in another Instagram post that her legal team sent a legal notice to JJS Productions for payment of Rs. 92.5 million. The actress also shared a photo of a legal notice sent by her legal team to Jawariya and Saud on July 24, claiming that the actress owes Rs7.5 million to JJS Productions.


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