African parrots help each other like humans

African parrots help each other like humans

Posted on Jan 15, 2020

African parrots help each other like humans Experimentally placed eight parrots in glass rooms and between them was a glass wall. A round small hole was drilled in the glass. The two birds could communicate with each other. Scientists have trained each parrot that if he gives a metal coin he will get dry fruit to eat.
In one experiment, some birds were given more than one token and some birds were not given a single coin. Gradually it was seen that the gray parrot passed coin to the other through the hole so that they too could eat fruit. Thus all the birds were seen helping one another. Thus it is learned that one parrot helps the other when it is needed.
Details of this experiment have been published in Current Biology. Experts believe that parrots do not do this in sports, but rather understand well the needs of others. After this research, Catherine Cronin, another expert, says that we are absolutely sure that brown parrots help others just like humans, even though they are not familiar with that parrot.


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