Afghan Girls' Football Team Leaves Country for Portugal

Afghan Girls' Football Team Leaves Country for Portugal

Following the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan, the Afghan girls' soccer team has left the country and moved to the country of world-renowned footballer Ronaldo.

According to Reuters, 15-year-old Sarah, a member of the team, said it was painful to leave her homeland Afghanistan but now she hopes to fulfill her dream of playing professional football in Portugal safely and maybe one day her favorite star. Meeting Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sarah is one of several players on the Afghan youth football team's squad who were forced to flee their country in August after the Taliban took control of the country. Contrary to the promises made to the international community, the Taliban are refusing to allow women to participate in sports. Portugal has sheltered these young Afghan footballers in this difficult time.

"I'm free now, my dream is to be a good player like Ronaldo, and I'm a big business woman here in Portugal," said Sarah, who visited Lisbon's historic Belum Tower on the Tagas River with her mother and other teammates. Also want to be

He also hoped to return home one day, but said he would do so only if he was confident she would be able to live freely. Taliban leaders have promised to respect women's rights, but during their first government, women could not work and girls were not allowed to go to school. Women had to cover their faces when leaving their homes. A male relative was required.

Speaking after taking control of the country on August 15, a senior Taliban official said that women might not be allowed to play sports because it was not necessary and would highlight their size.

Farkhunda Mohtaj, captain of Afghanistan's senior national team, said one of the reasons for bringing the team out of Afghanistan to Portugal was to play the game of their choice. Farkhunda, who works as an assistant football coach at a local university in Canada, kept in touch with the girls during the evacuation process. She managed to evacuate a total of 80 people, including the women's youth team and their families. Are

The young girls arrived in Portugal on September 19. Farkhunda Mohtaj said that these girls have gone through many challenges but now due to their endurance and patience they have been able to come here. Zaki Rasa, a 25-year-old relative of the female footballer, recalled the chaos at Kabul airport and thanked that she was now in Portugal and wanted to continue her education.

"Anything about the future is uncertain, but the important thing is that we are safe," he said.



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