Adil Rajput and His Wife Face Criticism Over False News of Death

Adil Rajput and His Wife Face Criticism Over False News of Death

Posted on Sep 16, 2020

Adil Rajput's wife is being criticized by the public for spreading the news of her husband's death and later announcing his return in a critical condition. This morning, Adil Rajput's wife, Farah Rajput, announced the death of her husband on a TikTok.

Farah Rajput had said that 'Adil is no more', in the video she referred to a man named Adnan and said that Adnan told him that Adil died in an accident. On the news of Adil Rajput's death, the users of TikTok expressed their grief and prayed for his forgiveness. On the other hand, some people did not believe this news and said whether it is true or the drama and hashtags under the name of Adil Rajput started trending on Twitter for some time.

One user wrote that it is being reported that Adil Rajput died in a scheduled road accident, he wrote that Adil was receiving death threats, we need immediate action.

Some people also criticized these TikTokrs.

Some users were confused as to whether Adil was alive or dead. News of Adil's Rajput demise later became suspicious when another Tuck Tucker, Nadeem, claimed that it was a false attempt to gain follow-up from the two Tuck Tuckers.

It may be recalled that Adil and Nadeem had been engaged in a war of words for some time and Adil Rajput had claimed that they were being threatened. Due to which some tick talk users also accused Nadeem of Adil's death.

However, a video was later released from Adil Rajput's tick-tock account showing him apparently entering the house in an injured condition and meeting his family.

The video released shows him bandaged on his head, arm and one leg. At the same time, his wife Farah Rajput posted another video from Tuck Tucker's account in which she said that Allah Almighty gave new life to Adil. In the video, Farah Rajput mentions a man named Adnan and says that Adil had fainted, Adnan did not understand anything and he called home and said that Adil had passed away.

Farah Rajput further said that at that time I did not understand anything and later we left for the accident site and could not make any video as we were on our way. He said that Allah Almighty saved them due to their prayers and they returned to life.

The news of Adil Rajput's death and the subsequent videos of his return alive showed his wife crying, but soon after, the news of Adil's death and videos related to his return was deleted from his account. However, the public is still confused as to whether Adil Rajput's accident was in fact a drama or not.

On the other hand, a video of Adil's return home was also shared from Adnan Shahbaz's account in which he wrote that thank God that Adil returned. Later, users also made sarcastic tweets on the videos of Adil's return.

According to reports, when the family members went to his house in Liaquatpur after the news of Adil's death. According to media reports, the public is demanding that the toughest action be taken against the TikTok duo for this shameful act. The majority of the people are demanding immediate arrest of the TikTok duo.

It should be noted here that Adil Rajput and his wife are very famous on TikTok and they have 2.8 million followers on TikTok.


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