Actress Salma Zafar's serious allegations against Saud and Javeria

Actress Salma Zafar's serious allegations against Saud and Javeria

Senior actress Salma Zafar has leveled serious allegations against actor Saud and his wife actress Javeria Saud, claiming that they ate their one crore rupees and thousands of rupees from ordinary employees. In a more than 35-minute video of Salma Zafar gone viral on social media, she can be heard making serious allegations against Saud and his wife.

According to the actress, in the production house set up by Saud and his wife, the actors and employees are mistreated while the employees are not even paid. Salma Zafar claimed that she worked with Saud and Javeria for many years but did not pay them and owed Rs 10 million to both their spouses.

The senior actress also accused Saud and Javeria of mistreating the employees of the production house and said that they used to feed the employees as a favor. The actress alleged that Javeria and Saud also did not pay salaries to the employees working on a monthly salary of Rs 7,000 while they paid the workers working on a daily wage for 4 days instead of 10 rupees.

In the video, she admitted that she did not have any evidence of the corruption of the javeria and Saud and the embezzlement of employees' money, but she was telling the truth. Salma Zafar can also be seen in the video being emotional while in the 35-minute video she is seen repeatedly claiming that she never lied and is not lying anymore. Referring to Saud, he also accused her of behaving extremely inappropriately towards women.

Salma Zafar alleged that Saud used to abuse women when they asked for money and that he was a man who ran on women's earnings. Salma Zafar also leveled several allegations against Javeria Saud and also claimed that recently when Javeria went to perform Umrah, she commented on the payment of arrears on her post and the actress blocked her.

In the video, Salma Zafar also used inappropriate language against Saud and Javeria and at the same time warned them that she would take her right from them in any case. In the video, Salma Zafar tells where Saud and Javeria used to live and how they lived and where they live and how they live now.

In the long video, Salma Zafar also claimed that she has many secrets of Javeria and Saud which she is still covering up and she is not revealing these secrets yet. In the video, Salma Zafar warns Saud that although she has no evidence, she knows how to assert her rights legally and physically and will continue to assert her rights with the power of faith.

He sent a message to Saud and Javeria that they would be cursed for eating the money of poor employees and actors.


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