Actress Rubina Ashraf has confirmed Corona

Actress Rubina Ashraf has confirmed Corona

Posted on Jun 4, 2020

Leading actress Rubina Ashraf has confirmed that she has been diagnosed with Corona. For the past two days, news about Corona has gone viral on social media and news websites with reference to the well-known actress. However, the actress has now confirmed the news and said that she is not in a good mood.

In a brief interview with Dawn Images, Rubina Ashraf said that she has been diagnosed with Corona and is not feeling well. Before Rubina Ashraf, notable on-screen character and TV have Nada Yasir and her significant other Yasir Nawaz alongside their little girl were additionally determined to have corona. Likewise, entertainer Naveed Raza, who took an interest in Nada Yasir's morning to appear, was additionally determined to have corona.

A few days ago, there were rumors on social media that Nada Yasir's condition was very worrying, but the actress had rejected such news through her social media post, saying that she was in good health and was at home.

Sakina Simmons angry over false news about herself

Well, known actress, Sakina Simmons like Rubina Ashraf was also reported to have been diagnosed with Corona. However, the actress expressed anger in a tweet after the false news about her went viral, saying that she was contacted by a journalist a few days ago and she was being repeatedly asked about her health.

The actress said without naming any journalist that she told the journalist that she did not want to talk about her health and then she blocked the journalist's number on WhatsApp after which false news was published about her began to happen.

The actress also shared a screenshot of fake news in her tweet, in which it was reported that the actress had passed away due to Corona. The actress expressed anger over the spread of false news about her health.

It may be recalled that on May 21 last month, Sindhi and Urdu stage dramas and TV actor Saghir Elahi Kachchi also passed away due to Corona. Saghir Elahi Kachchi hailed from the Larkana district of Sindh and his other family and relatives were also affected by the epidemic while 10 people from his neighborhood also died due to corona.

In Pakistan, although the lockdown was eased after mid-May last month, new cases of corona are on the rise across the country. Up to 4,000 new cases were reported in the country on June 2, while another 40 people were killed.

By the afternoon of May 3, the number of corona patients in Pakistan had reached 78,824, while the death toll had reached 1,678.

The highest number of corona patients in the country is in Sindh province, where the number of patients was more than 31,000, while Punjab was second with about 28,000 patients.


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