Actress Meera Passed the Exam

Actress Meera Passed the Exam

Posted on Nov 21, 2019

Pakistani scandal queen actress Meera passed the exam.

Eminent actress, who welcomed people with her English, finally passed the exam but she passed the exam, not from a college or university but to get a driving license. Meera is counts among artists who are active on social media and keep their fans informed.

Recently, Meera shared her photo on Instagram with a book on her face, which is about learning to drive. With this photo, Meera said she hoped she would pass the driving test because she found it very difficult to read.


Meera said that while studying, she starts to get sleepy and she still has a lot of sleep, and studying also causes dark circles under her eyes. Meera asked her loved ones how to pass their driving test in this situation.

The next day, Meera shared another post in which she is aboard. Meera told me that she was returning to Pakistan. At the same time, she said that she was still wondering how she finally passed the driving test

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