Actress Mahira Khan has been relieved of her headache

Actress Mahira Khan has been relieved of her headache

KARACHI: Internationally renowned actress Mahira Khan has been relieved of her headache.

According to details, the renowned Pakistani actress Mahira Khan mentioned her illness on social networking site Twitter a few days ago, and she takes the advice of desi prescription from her fans.

Mahira said in her tweet that she had severe pain in her head she was taking the medication every 4 to 6 hours but it did not matter, tell any desi prescription.

Various prescriptions were given to Mahira Khan by the fans who also acted.

In her second tweet, Mahira Khan said that her health has recovered and she was thankful to the fans for giving her such desi prescription.

She wrote: "I am glad you all gave such great suggestions with so much love, I have followed them and tried numerous prescriptions but I cannot say for sure which version of the recipe came out."
Mahira khan said that My mother also tilted my head, I consumed almonds, black coffee and bananas, as well as I, had taken steam.
Describing the relief from the headache, Mahira khan wrote that I am now well and thankful to my loved ones, the fans expressed happiness over her fast health recovery.


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