Actress and singer Bushra Ansari Speeks her divorce case

Actress and singer Bushra Ansari Speeks her divorce case

Posted on Jan 15, 2020

KARACHI: Actress and singer Bushra Ansari have muted her divorce case.
Recently Pakistani versatile actress Bushra Ansari joined Ahsan Khan's show in which she talked about her divorce for the first time. During the show, Ahsan Khan asked Bushra Ansari whether you wanted to speak publicly about your divorce or did you not tell anyone about it.

Responding to Ahsan Khan's question, Bushra Ansari replied in detail, “It has actually been many years. Taking the names of all the senior actors, Bushra Ansari said, "We are all like a family and all the people get upset when something happens to someone."
Citing the example of actor Jamal Shah and his wife Faryal, Bushra Ansari said that it was a very good couple as well as the pairing of Tahira Syed and Naeem Bukhari so that when the pair split, people's hearts were broken. No one has ever said bad things to a man, that the man is guilty of being separated or that the woman is more guilty because no one knows what problems are going on in one's private life.
Bushra Ansari said that problems are not only in the married life of the actors but also in the life of a banker or a doctor. So it seemed to me to share this private life with the public or Needless to say.
It should be noted that Bushra Ansari was married to producer Iqbal Ansari with his two daughters Nariman and me Ansari but both are not affiliated with showbiz. Recently, news of a second marriage to humanity director Iqbal Hussain on social media had also gone viral, but Iqbal Hussain declared all such rumours as baseless, saying such things should not be ignored.


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