Actor Mohsin Abbas Haider Accused of Domestic Abuse by Wife Fatim

Actor Mohsin Abbas Haider Accused of Domestic Abuse by Wife Fatim

Domestic violence has been a toxic trait of our society for centuries and centuries, Where the violence encloses of physical and psychological distress and torture including sexual persisting acts towards women by a current or former male intimate partner. In the society, we live in today where men are supposedly superior to women and it is pathetic how they feel its right for them to torture or abuse their women under minor inconvenience or arguments in order to take out their aggression and frustration.

The sickening act that took place recently has put the whole Pakistani society to shame, as a reputed actor/singer Mohsin Abbas Haider has been exposed by his wife, yes indeed, you read it right his very own wife. Fatima Sohail, wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider, in a Facebook post has shared details of violence and torture through domestic violence she suffered by the hands of her very own husband throughout her pregnancy and after her baby's birth.

In light to her provided information, she had doubts that her husband might be cheating on her and then one fine day she accidentally caught him on 26 November 2018, she was heartbroken and confronted him in a proper calm manner about the matter. But Mohsin did something his fans would never have expected. On being caught red-handed, he got angry and embarrassed and started torturing and beating her while knowing at that time she was 3 months pregnant.

The poor girl didn’t disclose anything to her parents as she wanted to save them from knowing the harsh experience she went through and also in order to save the home and fairy-tale she dreamt of building with Mohsin. As being concerned about the child in her womb, she called a friend and went to a hospital to receive first-aid and to check the baby was safe and was not harmed when Mohsin was torturing her.

Fatima further concluded in her elaborate post that on 20th May 2019, she gave birth to a baby boy, while her husband, instead of being there to comfort her and his baby in the process, he was busy sleeping with his girlfriend in Karachi. And visited her after two days of delivery so he could click some pictures with the baby boy and he could post them on social media to give an impression that he is a supportive husband and father and everything is fine.

But sadly, the story of her injustice just doesn't stop there, Fatima later in interviews concluded she went to Mohsin’s house on 17 July 2019 and requested him to take responsibility for his son and to live together as a normal family. To this, he lost his temper as usual and refused to aid any help and started torturing her again.

Hopeless and desperate for finances for her child, she had no other option but to come in public and ask for help. As she tried a lot but could not convince Mohsin to provide any sort of emotional, physical or financial support.

A lot of people and celebrities have come out in her support and there are many eye witness to the act as well, there are presently many questions regarding the whole story which have been raised on Mohsin and Fatima which in further interviews may be lightened.

The team of hopes that Fatima gets her rights and the matter is taken into business by the court, till then we will keep you updated.

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