Actor Feroz Khan Called TikTok a Cancer - Ban TikTok

Actor Feroz Khan Called TikTok a Cancer - Ban TikTok

Famous Pakistani actor Feroze Khan has demanded a ban on video-sharing app TikTok.

Leading fashion designer Hassan Shehryar Yaseen aka 'HSY' online show was attended by actor Feroze Khan as a guest where he discussed various topics related to the industry but in the meantime, he demanded a complete ban on TikTok.

A video of the same show of actor Feroze Khan is going viral on social media.

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Feroze Khan termed TikTok as cancer and said that a few days ago a friend of mine showed a video in which a child was walking by the side of the train even though he was not on the tracks but he and his train the distance between them was not known due to which the boy had collided with the train.

In this regard, the actor also said that I think TikTok is cancer. "If people get to make money from it, it's temporary because it will be banned one day," he said.

Feroze Khan said that the government of Pakistan should take immediate action on TikTok so that it could be banned.

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