Abuse of children, Bushra Ansari demands the camera in madrassas

Abuse of children, Bushra Ansari demands the camera in madrassas

Abuse of children, Bushra Ansari demands the camera in madrassas
KARACHI: Bushra Ansari, a renowned Pakistani showbiz industry minister, has called for cameras to be installed in religious seminaries and rooms of Mullahs to prevent incidents of child abuse.

Actress Bushra Ansari's video is going viral on social media in which she is seen not only talking about incidents of sexual abuse of innocent children in madrassas and the demeanour of teachers with students in schools, but We have also presented a solution to the problem to prevent
Ansari said that in religious seminaries there is more atmosphere of isolation, due to the mosque and madrassa, there is no respite, there are no more people and there is a special environment so there is an opportunity for these people. Therefore, put a camera in the room of each and every Maulvi. In addition, the teachers at the school who torture the students, torture them in different ways, slap them with wood, hang their legs in the back. In these schools, cameras should be placed so that such people can be kept watch.
Ansari said that the relationship between the weak and the oppressed is very old, where one gets the option, he is oppressed by all his prostitution, whether it be a woman, his wife or a student.

Bushra Ansari added that the reason for the increase in population is also one of the reasons for these incidents. Most children are not taken care of by people and parents are not able to look after their children completely. But you actually need to read the Quran and understand the translation and then teach your children the Qur'an but where they will have 12, 14 children, where they will teach so many children from morning to evening. Working with them becomes difficult
Actress Bushra Ansari called for the death sentence for abusive children, saying such beasts should not be executed immediately but should be speeded up. Give them as much pain and suffering as they have inflicted on their children before they are executed. So maybe this is how people will feel fear and before they abuse children they will think that if we did this evil act, it would be the same with us. I don't know if this sentence is acceptable in our law, but in principle, it should be.
Humanity Ansari also called for amendments to the laws prevailing in the country for acts such as abduction, saying that these laws should be changed according to the circumstances.


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