Aamina Sheikh's Tips on Training Children at Home

Aamina Sheikh's Tips on Training Children at Home

Schools have been closed in many countries due to the outbreak of the Corona virus worldwide, so that children are confined to their homes at this time.

On this occasion, users on social media are also giving many suggestions to parents about what kind of activities can keep kids engaged when the schools are closed.

In this regard, celebrity actress Aamina Sheikh recently released some videos on her Instagram account in which she found her daughter telling an interesting story.

In this video, Amina Sheikh advises parents to educate their children at home and share Urdu stories.

The actress narrated her daughter 'Abid Ki Tauba' to a book written by Sana Shahid, while also captioning her video 'Urdu Stories for Children'.

In addition to 'Abid Ki Tauba', Amina Shaikh also shared a story called 'Meri Rangeen Duniya' with her daughter, whose video was shared on Instagram as well as on YouTube.

The storybook 'Abid Ki Tauba' is for 8- to 9-year-olds who can help with their moral training, available for Rs. 100.

It is understood that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Pakistan has increased to 453.

After the first case came out in the country on February 26, the first two days of educational institutions were announced to be closed in Sindh, after which the holidays were extended for 2 weeks.

However, with the coming of more cases of Coronavirus, the Sindh government announced the closure of educational institutions by May 31, announcing pre-summer holidays in the educational institutions.

In addition, all educational institutions nationwide have been closed until April 5 in view of the Coronavirus.


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