A talk With Italian architect trapped in Lahore due to coronavirus

A talk With Italian architect trapped in Lahore due to coronavirus

Posted on May 5, 2020

The European country of Italy is unique in the world in terms of tourism, but the Coronavirus epidemic has affected other countries as well as this popular tourist country.

Italy is one of the countries in the world most affected by the epidemic that began in China in December 2019, with March being the hardest month, with between 500 and 800 deaths a day from Corona. ۔

However, after mid-April, Corona's influence in Italy began to wane, and then Corona's epidemic made the United States it's center.

More than 200,000 people have been infected with the virus in Italy so far and about 28,000 have died, but there has been a steady decline in cases and deaths over the past three weeks.

With the decline in coronavirus cases in Italy, the lockdown is now being eased, which is restoring normalcy, but there is still a fear of corona.

But despite Corona's fears, life in Italy is returning to normal and people are ready to live a new life in the shadow of fear with strict precautions.

Coronavirus has also led to lockdowns around the world, leaving people stranded in dozens of countries.
 And such people include an Italian architect who got stuck in Pakistan due to the lockdown and could not go to the country in the days of the epidemic.

We spoke to Italian architect Eduardo Paolo Ferrari, who lives in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, about his life and circumstances after the Coronavirus epidemic and asked him about the situation in his country.

He stayed at his friend's house in Lahore, but all day he was worried about his country and relatives.

During the interview, they talked about their plans, return, and lockdown experience after the coronavirus.

When did you come to Pakistan and what was your original plan?

I left my hometown of Cremona on March 8, the most affected area in Italy. My flight was probably the last flight out of the area because the government imposed a lockdown shortly thereafter.

I have been planning to come to Pakistan for a long time, I wanted to meet some of my friends here and visit this country which impressed me a lot,
However, I realized that my plans would not be fulfilled because of this virus, so I decided to go to Pakistan.

What are the conditions at home in Italy?

A lot has changed in this month and a half, many relatives and friends in Italy have been infected with the virus, most of them have recovered.
However, I lost my grandfather as a result of this virus and I am very sad about it.

He was already ill but did not expect this to happen because he had recovered from Corona and returned home from the hospital.

As far as lockdown is concerned, I think the people of Italy are following it for two reasons, the first being that they are afraid of the virus and want to protect themselves and their loved ones.
And secondly, there is a sense of responsibility among the people due to the pressure of the government and the media and they are not leaving their homes voluntarily or due to government restrictions.

Some of my acquaintances are worried about the end of the lockdown, they are afraid that it may take a long time for people to get back to normal because they are so scared of everything that they are afraid to go out.

I think people's reactions to this may be different because this lockdown must have had a significant effect on their minds.

What have you been doing since March?

Since the Corona epidemic has a lockdown in Pakistan and all forms of travel are banned, I soon realized that I have to stay here indefinitely, it is my good fortune that I had the opportunity to have a good time with friends and family during the lockdown and they were a source of encouragement to me in this difficult time.


I am having a great time with a friend's family, enjoying their home-cooked meals, as well as learning to bake bread, I also have the opportunity to do my Ph.D. work here At the same time, I am resting here, which was not available to me before.

What is your favorite food

Although all the food here is wonderful and tasty I like dal rice the most with mango pickle, I am also learning to cook while living here,
 I have done a lot of experiments and am currently learning to bake bread and I am happy and satisfied doing all this.

Did you learn Urdu

I had learned Parsi for my research for two years, so it was easier for me to understand Urdu because these two languages are somewhat similar, but I could not learn much Urdu.

Are you thinking of going back home?

I am happy to know that the visa of foreigners has been automatically extended till the end of April but I have also formally asked for the extension of visa through the NADRA online system.

The biggest problem right now is which flight I can take back home, it's a troubling issue, I want to go back home.

I miss my family and friends, eating with them, spending time with them, but let me make it clear that I have no problem living here, I love to travel and that is my hobby.



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