A man has been living in a drum hanging in the air for two months

A man has been living in a drum hanging in the air for two months

Posted on Jan 22, 2020

The South African man has been living in a drum hanging in the air for two months
South Africa: Two months have passed since a South African campaign that began living in a drum to break its own record of living in the atmosphere.

According to African media, campaigner Vernon Kruger hit a pole 25 meters high on the ground, hitting a barrel of water, Vernon has been living in it for two consecutive months, breaking his own record set several years ago.

They have been there since November 14. The drums are so tight that they can barely fit in, but all the trouble is to break their own record. Just a few days later they will set their record and break their own record set in 1997 and thus they will again. Can add your name to the Guinness Book of World Records.

For the expedition Vernon Kroeger, this wine drum is now the living room where he lives barely and because of space constraints, he suffers from bone and waist pains throughout the day as he does not stretch his legs while sleeping.

Kroger said it's easy to sit in the drum but it's difficult to sleep in such a tight position, 'according to Vernon Kruger, they have to sleep in the exact same position as the baby in the mother's womb in a collapsed position. They slip through a hole and descend through a pipe, their team at the bottom brings them water and food through a bucket.


Kroger came to think of it while on vacation as he climbed a palm tree. Vernon wondered if anyone could spend time sitting in a box in a high place? This record was previously set in Indonesia.

In the past, they have set a 54-day record of sitting in such a drum. This time they want to set a 67-day record for sitting in a drum.


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