Fans get excited after watching the bold photoshoot of 'Halima Sultan'

Fans get excited after watching the bold photoshoot of 'Halima Sultan'

Posted on Mar 22, 2022

Fans were outraged to see a recent advertisement for women's clothing by Turkish actress Isra Bulgach aka "Halima Sultan" and advised her not to show off her body for money. Halima Sultan recently shared on Instagram a short video of an advertisement shot for the world's leading women's lingerie brand 'Victoria's Secret', on which people were stunned and the actress was severely criticized. Made.

Isra Bulgich had a video shoot for Victoria's Secret Turkey, in which she appeared in a very bold outfit.

While Halima Sultan was seen in a semi-nude dress in a promotional video, Turkish fans were outraged, while Pakistani fans also expressed their anger over her photoshoot and gave her advice. In her post, some people also asked who came to read the comments of Pakistani fans on the post of 'Halima Sultan'? To which many people replied that they have come to read the comments and suggestions of Pakistanis.

While people expressed their anger over the video of 'Halima Sultan', while 'repenting and asking for forgiveness, they also advised the actress not to show her body for the sake of money. Some people reminded her that she had played the role of 'Halima Sultan' in dramas like 'Ertugrul Ghazi', so she should not have worn such semi-nude clothes and should not have been part of such a publicity campaign.

Earlier, Pakistani fans had criticized Halima Sultan for her bold outfit, to which the actress had sharply replied to the advocates that she knows her limits well. Halima Sultan, better known as Isra Bulgach, gained fame in Pakistan after the broadcast of 'Ertugrul Ghazi', after which she also appeared in Pakistani advertisements and brands. Not only Isra Bulgach but also another cast of 'Aartgharl Ghazi' got a lot of fame after the drama was aired in Pakistan.

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