Check on the 5 Upcoming T-Shirt Printing Trends

Check on the 5 Upcoming T-Shirt Printing Trends

Posted on Sep 2, 2019

There are several t-shirt printing methods used and one of the most common ones is the t-shirt screen printing. This printing technique is accepted throughout various businesses for its clarity and cost-effective nature. Screen printing of t-shirts has been around from a pretty long time. But, as per the trend, the prints and the designs are ever-changing.

Today, we are going to discuss the trends that are being followed by t-shirt printing Vancouver.



The superheroes in comics are usually brought to this reality through Marvel and DC. This type of print will usually reach its greatest heights. In the future, we are likely to see more of superhero t-shirts that are created with t-shirt screen printing technique, along with several other kinds of stuff like the backpacks, action figures, kids items and many more. When the global movie Spiderman came in the trends of the superheroes rocketed sky high.


Space Prints:


Space is a place that is mixed with fun and danger. Hollywood usually releases at least one movie each year that is based on space and there is no wonder that it is highly important among the nerds and the geeks. The most favored and in fashion will be the space-themed t-shirts. It is usually a space that is unknown, best for explorations for the discovery of infinite possibilities. They surely make the best choice that people can make in terms of their t-shirts.


Luminescent Prints:

These usually make the prints of the future. The holographic designs will make you travel to places you have never been before when you speak up for the rising trends. These trends have become renowned and globally used since the past few years. These are things that you are going to look up in the future. There is a fusion of reality and fantasy that hinds towards the idea of psychedelic and dreamscape that is combined with the futuristic design.


Black and White Prints:

The one that is rocking the trend at all times is the fusion of two classic colors black and white. While creating contrasting effects, the letters that are used in white spaces or bold black colors are effective. If you are looking to go for cheap screen printing t-shirts then they will make the best option.


80’s and 90’s Prints:

The vintage t-shirts are usually not liked by all but those who adore them love them. Faded tees are in big demand nowadays and in the coming years with t-shirt screen printing Vancouver; we will only get to see more of it. You also need to check in with the shades that are of softer tone to make your tees look more vintage. To adapt to the worn outlooks, this is a great opportunity for the discharge of the inks in screen printed t-shirts.


The Wild Side Prints:

These t-shirts and their prints are usually high on their trend these days usually for the upcoming generation. It is very crucial to unplug the daily affairs and spend time with nature and this is something that the people are realizing these days. These prints make up a great choice especially when it is used for outdoor hiking, campings and many more. People will usually head for the outdoors to have a great experience of nature with the prints.


Geometric and Solid Color prints:

This is a perfect go for t-shirt design and it has become a haven for the minimalists as these are typically for the ones who have their own progressive bent of mind. The t-shirts usually bear one or two colors with the designs that are simplistic. We get to see these prints immensely on favorite designer shows and runaways. This is a surefire way to hit the mainstream of designing.


Abstract painting prints:

It has usually been quite some time with the t-shirt screen printings with the paintings on but this is the time you dived into for some abstract paintings.


Prints with Bold Letters:

It is usually the symbol of rebel and a stronger attitude with the typographical prints. This will also hit to the runways with this street style contemporary designs. These prints usually utilize less amount of ink is less labor intensive. It also displays the character of the wearer well.


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