I've just been creating a list of hacks that actually work and that I actually use on everyday basis and things that I find online pictures on Instagram die trial and I find that they actually work because there are so many hacks on the  internet and a lot of them are tried do not work for me for some reason or another, but these hacks I got you, girl, they good to be doing some crazy stuff like cut crease in with a spoon contour with a fork make my lips look plump and some more, so the hacks that I've found that works so let's go ahead and we're ready to hop into the 

Cut Crease With Spoon

The first hack sounds so crazy but it's doing it took crease with a spoon and guys it really does work so you just want to place your spoon where you want your cut crispy and then start blending in some transitional shade over top. It will help you to get your crease cut even every time and it's very precise so it is the actually awesome hack you should try it and clean it up with an eyeshadow primer underneath the crease but overall this hack is amazing and it's definitely has made my life way easier. 

DIY Dry Shampoo

if you don't want to spend a fortune on dry shampoo you can always use baby powder and this is my favourite one it's the ‘Burt's bees’ baby powder it actually has corn starch in it so it's going to help aluminized your hair and really soak up those excess oils I actually love using baby powder because I find that it works better than any dry shampoo that I've used and it's really affordable and it's going to last you forever. 

Mascara Clean Up

We've all been there where our mascara gets where it shouldn't so a good happy can use is to let it dry where it is I know this sounds weird but if you try to remove it while it's still wet it's going to smear all over the place, believe me, it's happened to me a million times so once it's dry you can actually just take a little Q-tip and start to rotate the product off of your face it works really well and it removes all the mascara while removing as little as possible of the makeup around it. So this is the best little mascara cleanup hack that I do all the time. 

Nose Contour with Fork

Probably one of the most interesting hack and see if it actually works and it does, so you want to take a fork and place it on your nose where you want your nose contour to be and then you're going to kind of use it as a stencil and start blending in your contour shades through the fort and this does make a very snatched contour so you do want to use a lighter shade for this because if not it's going to look in super to find which is want to do that. 

Make Your Lips Plump and Juicy

This Hack is to make your lips look nice and fresh so what you're going to do is just line your lips with any colour line you just want to line your lips tenderly that the middle part blank and then we're going to use a cream shadow this is one of my favourites use it from Sephora collection, then blend those together and then go back over with the lip liner and it is really gonna give you a plump up effect 

Strong Hold Bobby Pin

When you want your bobby pins to stay in place you can do this hair hacks so what you want to do is put in the bobby pin face down so the curvy side is actually gonna be on the bottom this actually helps hold to your hair a lot better because a curvy part is going to add some texture. 

Mascara Mess-Up

If you tend to get a little bit messy with your mascara you can take a business card and actually place it behind your lashes while you're applying mascara this way no mascara gets monster island where you just did your beautiful eye shadow and it just gets onto the business card. 



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