Best and Famous YouTubers in Pakistan

Best and Famous YouTubers in Pakistan

In a very short period, Pakistan's YouTube industry has been groomed so much with the unique and impressive content. These YouTubers are not making videos only for fun or as a hobby they are doing it as a complete profession and no doubt it is the best way to earn money with your specific talent. In this article, we are discussing some top famous Pakistani YouTubers.

Mehrban Ali

Syed Mehrban Ali Shamsi Sabzwari Tabrezi is a famous YouTuber of Pakistan. He was born on 1st December 1987 and the most important fact is that he is the 41st son of Hazrat Imam Ali (R.A). He is a famous Poet, Writer, Director, Pakistani Motivational Speaker, Naat Khawan & Noha Khawan, a Palmist, Dream Interpreter, and Astrologer.

He joined YouTube in 2016 and now he has 4.44M subscribers. People love him and follow him with great passion. His videos are mostly related to Islamic concepts and the Sayings of 'Hazrat Imam Ali R, A'. He is also very famous on other social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Nadir Ali

Nadir Ali is a famous YouTuber who belongs to Karachi. He joined YouTube in 2016 named his channel “P 4 Pakao” and now he has 3.33M followers. He started on Facebook and his starting videos got famous on Facebook then he became famous on YouTube day by day.

He is no! Famous prank star of Pakistan. He makes many funny videos and people loved him so much because of his sense of humor He has 15,674,018 views on his channel. He is appreciated by the famous Indian Bollywood stars also for his largest independent channel and his amazing style of comedy.

Memoona Muslima:

Memoona Muslima is the most famous female YouTuber in Pakistan. She is famous professional cookery, an expert in household management. She is a great health care expert as well as an expert in health tips and beauty tips. She gives all the solutions with simple and easy remedies. She gives all the solutions by natural things or with the help of fruits and vegetables.

She empowers the females and women to give them knowledge on an affordable budget, less time consuming, and very easy to use in both Urdu and Hindi language for their convenience. She has 2.89M subscribers on her Channel. She is also very famous on her Instagram account and people follow her remedies with great trust and love her all the tips.


Amna is the most famous YouTuber in Pakistan. Her Channel 'Kitchen with Amna' has 3.74M and 478.07M views. She has a cooking channel that is very famous all over the world and she becomes the first top famous female YouTuber. It is a big milestone for a country where society's concepts and thoughts are very conservative.

She is not making videos only for Pakistani and Indian cooking. She is famous for Chinese cuisine, Arabic cuisine, English meals such as breakfast, milkshakes, smoothies, beverages, healthy diet recipes, cakes, desserts, and many more.

Qasim Ali Shah:

Qasim Ali Shah is a milestone of Pakistan. He is a public speaker, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Businessmen, Teacher, Corporate Trainer & Leader for every age group, Networkers, Sportsmen, students, employees who want motivation in their life and want everlasting peace, happiness, and success.

He is also a famous YouTube star who has 2.43M subscribers and millions of followers on other social media accounts not only from Pakistan, from all over the world. His motivational videos are very famous and people loved to listen to him with full attention and respect. His success story is presented in a documentary by the Samaa TV channel.

Ducky Bhai:

Saad Ur Rehman is another famous YouTuber in Pakistan known as Ducky Bhai his YouTube Channel name. He is a student in Computer Sciences. He belongs to Lahore. He joined YouTube in 2017 and became very famous in a very short time with his talent and confidence. People love him a lot and follow him. He has 2.26M subscribers and is ranked in the top10 YouTubers of Pakistan. He is known as the best roaster and content creator in Pakistan and India also.

Irfan Junejo:

Irfan Junejo is the most famous content creator and a great vlogger in Pakistan. He makes much funny content, informative, and sponsored content videos of many different brands. In starting he makes his daily life vlogs and day by day he became famous for his hard work and his charming looks.

He has 1.02M subscribers and millions of followers on other accounts also. He likes traveling and makes many vlogs about the specialty of those places. He also makes honest review videos about different brands.

Zaid Ali:

Zaid Ali is a famous YouTuber sensational in Pakistan. He is famous all around the world. He has millions of followers and fans on his social media accounts. He has 2.85 Million subscribers on YouTube. He is famous for his funny videos; He makes funny videos on Pakistani and Canadian culture.

He is very close to his mother and his mother acted with him in various videos, now he makes videos with his wife Yumna. He becomes so famous on YouTube because of his dedication to his work.

Taimoor Salahuddin Aka Mooroo:

Mooroo is a famous Pakistani YouTuber. He is a multi-talented person, a famous singer, actor, a good director, composer, writer, and also a sketch artist. Mooroo has so many fans all over the world. He makes many Vlogs and people loved him a lot. He has 961K subscribers on his YouTube channel. He makes sometimes funny content, sometimes moral based videos, and sometimes discusses social issues, etc.

Zaryab Khan:

Zaryab Khan is famous as "the smart-phone guy" his channel name is “XEETECHCARE”. Zaryab Khan is one of the famous YouTubers in Pakistan and many international technology websites also follow him and like his videos. In a very short time, he became famous because of his innate passion for technology computer science programs and especially in mobile technology.

He has 1.52 million followers on his YouTube channel. He makes honest reviews about all the mobile phone brands. His videos can help to choose if you are going to purchase a new cell phone.

Hania Moin:

Hania Moin is another famous YouTuber in Pakistan. She is a famous makeup artist and expert in health care tips. She has makeup skills and she entertains girls and women with different types of makeup, hairstyles, and makeover videos. She has 15.3k subscribers and her YouTube channel is known as “DamnSheknows”. Girls can subscribe to her for amazing makeup tutorials.

Waqar Zaka:

Waqar Zaka is the most famous YouTuber in Pakistan. He is a famous TV host Pakistani social media content producer, famous satellite social worker, and social media activist.

He is very famous for helping females in many cases of harassment to acid victims and child abuse. he is a famous entertainer and people loved him a lot. He has 1.07M subscribers in a very short time.


Famous in pakistan Youtube Youtubers of pakistan

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