Best and Famous Netflix Series to Watch Right Now

Best and Famous Netflix Series to Watch Right Now

Netflix is a production company and an amazing platform for everyone. Some people said it is the platform where the content is mostly rubbish and mediocre. Some movies or series are shameless that can be the reason for a problematic society. It can especially leave really bad effects on the young generation. But there are also some classic TV shows, motivational movies, informative series, talk shows, and many other best things are available to watch.

We will discuss some famous amazing Netflix series in this article.

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House was basically a novel that was written by Shirley Jackson. After that, this horror novel was used as the script of this movie. This movie was the story of a family, they shifted in a hill house and as time passed paranormal activities drove in the house.

All the family members are targeted one by one and they get harmed by some unseen energies. The haunting memories ruining their lives. The story of this series is stunning, at its finest griping, and especially terrifying.

Challenger: The final flight

The final flight is a famous documentary series which is based on a space disaster. In 1986 when a space shuttle launched but due to some safety issues and mechanical failures, it broke just after 73 minutes.

Seven members of the crew on board were killed. The story will tell the disaster in detail. All the Wrong decision-making process, mechanical failures, and all the safety concerns before the launch.

Narcos Mexico

Narcos is a famous crime drama series on Netflix. The series has 4 seasons and the story explores the modern war on drugs. In every season it is focused on the illegal drug trade.

Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a hidden gem series on Netflix.

It is a thriller fiction drama series. It is a story of a famous actress who won an Emmy for leading actress. Who assumes the identity of her fellow clones and defines her future. The story is specially focused on the moral and ethical implications of human cloning and its effects.

High Score

High score is the most famous Netflix series. The series is based on the history of classic video games, interviews of developers and gamers, and the stories of early games and characters who brought these worlds and characters to life. The first premiered of this series is on 19 august 2020.

Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset is the most famous reality television series on Netflix. The series first aired in 2019.

The series tells the story of a group of agents as they navigate their personal and professional lives. In the world of Selling Sunset, where everyone is awful and capitalism is the only guiding star, normal rules do not apply. All the seasons revolve around the highest residential properties.

Last Chance U

Last Chance U is one of the most famous documentary series by Netflix. The series consists of many seasons. The story follows the travails of some college student-athletes. All the students were aiming to break into big-time college football and ultimately the NFL. Different benefits of outsized ambitions and imported talent of the students are highlighted in the story.

It’s a genuine part of the community and the players come from that community. The basic purpose of this movie is to promote equality in inner-city America and to stop the dislocation.


Dracula was a famous horror novel. It was directed into a great horror movie series with a modern adaptation. The series has many seasons and every season got great fame; people loved the series all the time. The main actor who performs as the eponymous vampire is loved by the people so much.

The vampire revels in sparring with an unconventional nun who is determined to learn his secrets and end his centuries.

Dear White People

Dear White People is an American series. It is originally a Netflix comedy-drama series. The story follows a group of black color students. They attend a white league college. The movie is specially made to stop racism and color discrimination in the world. It shows the talent and the struggles of black students.


This is one of the most famous Netflix series made on the life of Madam C.J Walker. It is a drama streaming series inspired by the biography of C.J Walker. The story shows the hard work and the self-confidence of a woman how she was creating her own line of hair care products.

As time pass she becomes America’s first female self-made millionaire. All the struggles she does fight to overcome post-slavery racial biases and find her place in a man’s world of capitalism. It is a perfect motivational movie for every woman.

Tiger King

Tiger King is a real crime documentary series. It is one of the most-watched and liked series on Netflix. The story shows the life of zookeeper Joe Exotic. The series was released in March 2020.

The movie tells the thoughts and acts of a conservative society where some people are accused of abusing and exploiting wild animals. Honestly, it will be one of the craziest things you will ever watch. People loved the story and appreciated the movie makers.


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