10 Best and Famous Mobile Phone Companies in Pakistan

10 Best and Famous Mobile Phone Companies in Pakistan

10 Best and Famous Mobile Phone Companies in Pakistan, A Mobile Phone is a fundamental gadget to have nowadays; an absolute necessity has a device to remain. It is associated with the world. These days cell phones play out a few assignments like creation calls, web perusing, taking pictures, recording recordings, setting cautions, messing around, and even telephones presently have introduced GPS frameworks to help direct any area.

It shows all the close by attractions and cafes. Advancements are making telephones more brilliant. Ordinary developments are being made in cell phones, making them more astute, quicker, and more productive than any other time in recent memory. The interest for cell phones is soaring in this period, and this has expanded the opposition massively. Many brands are dispatching their items in the market; each guarantees them to be superior to the rest. 

The top famous mobile phone companies in Pakistan are as per the following: 

Apple (iPhone) :

Apple is the world's most selling and believed brand with regards to innovation and advancement. The iPhone is Apple's most selling item. Apple dispatches the latest model of iPhone every year, including new highlights and We are presenting special applications on the telephone. The most recent telephone dispatched by Apple is the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro; the iPhone 11 has staggering highlights: 

  • World-class quality, 
  • the most exceptional cameras, 
  • larger worked away, lightning speed 
  • The battery timing is better than anyone might have expected. 
  • The double cameras of the phone catch the more extensive picture with the best goal and alluring altering 

Options: The telephone is equipped for recording 4k recordings. You can flip it, zoom in, zoom it, and impact the tapes, which implies proficient outcomes without a DSLR, this camera depends on the world's innovation. The iPhone is the top-selling telephone the world over, and it is an extravagance item; the costs of the iPhone are very high contrast with different phones accessible in the market. The iPhone is available in Pakistan at all the official apple outlets and retailers. 


Samsung makes no trade-offs regarding innovation and advancement; their items consistently hang out in each viewpoint. Samsung has a different arrangement of phones that they dispatch yearly: 

  • Samsung S series 
  • Samsung A series 
  • Samsung J series 
  • Samsung note. 

Astounding Specifications of Samsung:

The entirety of cell phones' arrangement they dispatch contrast in details, look, memory, and speed, and their costs fluctuate likewise. Yet, every telephone they post is useful, stable, and as per the advanced occasions' necessities. The nature of their cameras is also entirely admirable and exceptional, the battery life is the best in the market, and they continually present something new consistently. 


Samsung dispatches telephones in all value extends to consider a more significant number of clients, as indicated by their spending plan and needs. Samsung telephones are effectively accessible all over Pakistan. 


Huawei is a Chinese brand that has faith in advancements and presents something incredible consistently. Their cell phones are their claim to fame, and they have a broad client base all through the world. The details and nature of their cell phones are sufficiently adequate to give an intense rivalry to different brands' entirety. They present the most recent highlights on their cell phones: 

  • They have dispatched 5G empowered cell phones. 
  • The camera of their cell phones catches pictures and records with the most extreme exactness and flawlessness. 
  • The battery life of their cell phones is additionally excellent. 
  • The telephones likewise have a huge ability to store a lot of information. 
  • Huawei is one of the leading cell phone brands in Pakistan, and their cell phones come in all unique value ranges. 


Oppo is a Chinese brand with, as of late, picked up prevalence in Pakistan for their great selfie cameras. Oppo mobiles telephones have stunning quality and depend on progressive technology. Recent dispatches of Oppo :

Oppo F3 and Oppo Reno are the latest dispatches of the brand. These cell phones have assembled a ton of consideration in Pakistan due to their elite selfie cameras and different highlights. 

Targets and accessibility of Oppo mobiles:

The objective of the brand is to draw in youths generally through their items and advertising. The value scopes of Oppo cell phones change from model to show yet are generally entirely reasonable. 

vivo mobiles: 

Vivo cell phones have gotten extremely famous in Pakistan; they dispatch great, more intelligent, and quicker cell phones each year. Their items never need quality and execution, that is why it is very much confided in the brand among the majority. 

Vivo's most recent cell phones are :

  • vivo v17 professional 
  • vivo Y12 
  • vivo S1 

Vivo telephones presently accompany

  • Pre-introduced illustrations cards 
  • super speed gaming processor ideal for messing around on your telephone in HD quality 
  • Super-quick speed. 
  • Vivo cell phones come in all value reaches, and Vivo telephones are accessible all over Pakistan. 


Qmobile is the biggest selling cell phone brand in Pakistan and sells up to 1,000,000 cell phones in a month. The quality and dependability of their cell phones are what draw in the clients the most. Qmobile produces cell phones as well as dispatches keypad telephones for individuals with restricted necessities. 

The most recent deliveries by Qmobile include: 

  • Qmobile Qsmart hot star 2 
  • Qmobile Noir E8 
  • Qmobile L105 light. 
  • Qmobile is likewise concocting some new dispatches very soon. 


Lenovo is an eminent brand with regard to innovation and progressive upheaval. Motorola is its cell phone brand. Motorola cell phones lead-in 

  • looks and speed 
  • amazing illustrations 
  • Wide shows. 

Motorola has a few distinctive arrangements dependent on the various determinations of cell phones the launches include: 

  • moto z family 
  • moto g family 
  • moto e family 
  • moto m family 

Motorola's most recent dispatches incorporate Motorola, one vision, moto z play, moto g6. In Pakistan, Lenovo items are trusted and have an extraordinary interest; Lenovo/Motorola cell phones' value scopes are very moderate. 


Nokia is one of the most seasoned cell phone brands in Pakistan. It was the biggest selling cell phone brand in Pakistan; however, they were deserted by different brands when cell phones were dispatched. 

Presently they are again picking up consideration because of their most recent cell phones. Nokia's most recent cell phones include: 

  • Nokia 7.2 
  • Nokia 6 or more 
  • Nokia 3.2 
  • Nokia 110 
  • Nokia is one of the most moderate cell phone brands in Pakistan, and it is notable for its tough and productive cell phones. 


HTC is a Taiwanese purchaser hardware organization known worldwide for its breathtaking nature; its cell phones are incredibly mainstream. HTC has launched a few awe-inspiring cell phones as of late, which include: 

  • HTC U12+ 
  • HTC U11 
  • HTC U Bolt 
  • HTC U Ultra 

The stunning plan of their cell phones, a most recent innovation, super-quick speed, and excellent execution is the thing that pulls in the customers the most about their cell phones. HTC cell phones are accessible in Pakistan are very sensible value ranges. 

Sony mobiles: 

Sony is one of the world's driving brands about cell phones and advancements. 

Sony cell phones have: 

  • sleek and thin bodies, 
  • elegant plans, 
  • super smooth touch 
  • Lightning speed. 

Sony's most recent cell phones have unbelievably high-goal cameras and huge memory. A portion of the new launches of Sony include: 

  • Sony Xperia ZX2 premium 
  • Sony Xperia XA2, in addition to 
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 minimized.

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