Coaching Powerclass | The Future of Leadership is Here!

Coaching Powerclass | The Future of Leadership is Here!

Posted on Dec 6, 2019

Coaching Powerclass’ is designed to help leaders make the best of what coaching has to offer - the dialogue, tools, and mindset—and leverage it to transform themselves, their teams and the organization. Participants of this program will learn to spot and take advantage of daily opportunities to think like a coach, listen like a coach, talk like a coach and act like a coach. 
Viewing the constraints of complicated, multi-step traditional coaching models, this ‘Coaching Powerclass’  provides a simple and prompt coaching process that makes coaching effective, memorable and accessible in-the-moment for both novice and experienced leaders alike. 
Coaching Powerclass’ is intended to help leaders take advantage of the quick, often taken-for-granted conversations they have with their employees every day. It allows leaders to coach on-the-fly whenever the opportunity arises taking a SIP of a coaching process that is spontaneous, improvised and powerful.

Mian Tajamul

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