Bisc 2020 - Pakistan Leg Grand Finale

Bisc 2020 - Pakistan Leg Grand Finale

The Pakistan Leg of Baconhouse International Student Convention will be happening on 28th November 2019 at Beaconhouse Newlands Lahore. 
Students from all over Pakistan will be participating in 8 categories to fight for the final spots of BISC 2020, Malaysia. 

Total BISC STEAM Categories 8

1. BISC Art (Art Installation)
2. BISC Exploratoria (Science Project)
3. BISC Idol (Singing Challenge)
4. BISC Quiz (Quiz)
5. BISC Talks (Panel Discussion)
6. BISC Click (Photography)
7. BISC Film Festival (Short Film Making)
8. BISC Connections (Postcard Design Competition)

General Instructions: 

- Participants should strictly follow the instructions/requirements for every category given in the BISC Event Brief
 -Participants are required to reach  the venue at least half an hour before the given time
- Group projects are not allowed in any category except the short films.
- Age limits given in BISC Brief are required to be followed strictly. 



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