Ali Zafar's tribute to women via video, "Ae aurat, tum be misl ho" Lyrics

Ali Zafar's tribute to women via video, "Ae aurat, tum be misl ho"  Lyrics

Renowned singer and actor Ali Zafar released the fifth song 'Mela Loot Lia' of the fifth season of Pakistan Super League (PSL) with the help of fans to send a video of dance steps.

Ali Zafar's video was praised more than the official song of PSL and now he has released the poem video, paying tribute to the women on the occasion of International Women's Day, leaving behind other singers.

In the short video, Ali Zafar can be heard reading the lyrics of the Poem.

Ali Zafar wrote his own poem titled 'Aurat', in which he acknowledged the services of women and made them of utmost importance to men and the world.

Ali Zafar's poem, 'Ae Aurat, Tou Bay Misal Hai' was greatly appreciated and was seen by thousands of people in a few hours.

Khilti huee subha ka, komal sa roop ho tum

Your beauty as soft as the morning glow ;

Kabhi madham madham chandni, kabhi teekhi dhoop ho tum

Your light as soft as the subtle moonlight, as strong as the shining sun;

tum nahin mere saath, to meri haesiat kya hai

If you’re not with me, what am i capable of?

Batlao tumhaare ishq ki, ye kafiat kya hai?

Tell me of this condition when I am in love with you?

Ae aurat, tum be misl ho tumhein pohanche mera salam

O woman…there is no other like you, accept my humble praise for you;

Meri rooh tumhaari sultanat, mera dil hai tera ghulam

You’re the ruler of my spirit, my heart forever your slave

In the video, Ali Zafar can be seen reading a poem in a room but no woman was shown in the video, he tweeted to release the video, which was praised by many.


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