After One Year, Fashion Week Was Organized in Pakistan

After One Year, Fashion Week Was Organized in Pakistan

Posted on Feb 10, 2021

Due to the Corona epidemic, no major showbiz, fashion, or music event has been held in Pakistan since March last year and if any awards or fashion event was held during the last year, it was held virtually.

However, this month, at least a year later, the country's first fashion week was held, in which not only models walked the ramp, but also singers evoked the magic of their voices. On the first day, wedding dresses were presented by Ali Zeeshan. A three-day bridal show was launched on February 4 by the private TV channel Hum TV in Lahore, the capital of Punjab.

Ali Zeeshan's clothes were appreciated. Bridal Fashion Week, which runs from February 4 to 6, featured bridal coaches.

Ali Zeeshan presented costumes in addition to wedding dresses. Music was also arranged at the end of Fashion Week and other singers including singer Arif Lohar, Azaan Sami Khan evoked the magic of their voices.

Sable Vogue also presented elegant costumes. On the first day of Bridal Kochiwar (Wedding Dress) Fashion Week, Ali Zeeshan brand presented a new dress 'exhibition' and at the same time, Ali Zeeshan discouraged 'Dowry Eating' at Fashion Week.

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The fashion week was a fashion week in Pakistan almost a year later. The Ali Zeeshan brand has also used the 'exhibition' clothing in a campaign against dowry in collaboration with UN Women and other organizations and Ali Zeeshan has also released a short video in this regard.

Nisa Hussain also presented beautiful wedding dresses. Other fashion designers and houses including Zainab Chhotani, Ali Zeeshan, Zaha Couture, Nisa Hussain, Ahsan's, and Ayesha and Usman also presented their products at Bridal Fashion Week.

The three-day fashion week ended on February 6. The three-day fashion week was also attended by other personalities including Information Minister Shibli Faraz and Fawad Chaudhry, while due to Corona, limited spectators were allowed to watch the fashion week.

Music was also arranged at the end of Fashion Week

All photos: Bridal Couture Week Facebook


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