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Dunk Drama Full Cast

Sana Javed (Amal)

Bilal Abbas Khan (Haider)

Fahad Sheikh (Safeer)

Azekah Daniel (Minal)

Noman Ijaz

The producer: Dunk Drama Serial is produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi.

Production: Big Bang Entertainment Production

Director: Drama serial Dunk is directed by Badar Mehmood. Badar is also the director of famous dramas “Balaa” and “Cheekh”.

Writer: Dunk Drama is written by Mohsin Ali.

This drama named ‘DUNK’ started in 2020, starring very gorgeous ‘Sana Javed’ and very charming ‘Bilal Abbas’. This drama is produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi and directed by Badar Mehmood. After very successful dramas ‘cheekh’ and ‘ishqiya’, Badar Mehmood has directed another mysterious drama. The writer of this drama is Mohsin Ali.

Sana Javed and Bilal Abbas are playing leading roles as ‘Amal’ and ‘Haider’. This on-screen couple has attracted the audience and has grabbed that much attention that now fans are always excitingly waiting for the next episode. The story of this Serial is full of emotion, excitement, and romance. Serial’s story is based on the love story of a couple of Sana Javed and Bilal Abbas Khan. Both live in different environments and classes. They fall in love with each other and facing different issues due to class differences.

Noman Ijaz plays a university professor in this drama. He did many projects and films and received the Lux Award of Best Actor in 2009. In addition to this, Sana Javed as Amal plays the role of an innocent girl who is harassed by her university Professor. She did an excellent job in this drama. She has done many projects and is known for dramas like Khani and Ruswai. Along with this, Bilal Abbas as Haider plays a major role and shows his acting skills nicely. Bilal Abbas is a talented actor in the showbiz industry who worked on many successful projects like Baala, Cheekh, Laal, Pyar kay Sadqy, Aik Jhooti love story, and many more. 

Dunk Drama is the third project of Badar Mehmood who has done two extremely successful dramas like Balaa and Cheekh and earned the Lux Style nomination Award for two consecutive years. Mohsin Ali Shah is the writer and Fahad Mustafa produces this drama.

Lead Cast

Sana Javed

The gorgeous Sana Javed grabbed the attention of the audience with her acting skills in Khaani. Just like that, he ruled over the platform this time too by her intense acting. Sana Javed is playing the role of lead actress namely Amal, who is sensitive, emotional, and understands family values. When it’s about love, she loves at her best. She is a very loveable character of the serial. Also, she is a very confident girl.

Bilal Abbas

Bilal Abbas after playing the role of a young lad in cheekh can be seen in drama dunk as playing the lead role namely Haider, who is realistic, believable, and a university student. He always stands with the truth. Bilal Abbas stated about his character that, ‘Haider has many different shades in the drama’. Also, he suggests keeping watching the drama as the drama is full of suspense and thrill.

Dunk Drama Timings

The drama ‘DUNK’ aired on the 23rd of December. You can watch this drama every Wednesday at 8:00 pm.

Dunk Drama OST

The OST of the drama was much-awaited. The Ost is written by Sabir Zafar, composed by Waqar Ali, and sung by Naeem Abbas Rufi.

Dunk Drama Teasers

Dunk Drama Story/Plot

The story revolves around the turmoil that is uncovered when the professor named Humayun (Nauman Aijaz) of a well-known and established university is accused of sexual harassment by a female student, Amal (Sana Javed). Amal’s fiancée and cousin Haider (Bilal Abbas), who not only fully believes the woman he loves, but is also ready to stand by her and asks her to seek justice.

Haider always stands with justice and truth. Protests ensure all over the campus and the media get involved, prompting the professor’s swift dismissal. In every episode, till now it is shown that the professor is innocent but some scenes in some episodes prove that the accuser is right. However, stay tuned for further updates. The next episode will air on Wednesday at 8:00 pm.

Dunk Drama is based on the story of a Professor played by Nouman Ijaz who is being accused of harassment of a student. The professor looks honest and noble who faces some serious allegations from a female student. This drama has many layers of untold and hidden truth which reveals the reality and unfolds the truth at the end. However, it deals with a sensitive topic that is still seen as taboo in our society. The administration boycotts the professor and suspends him from the university. 

Sana Javed as Amal plays the main role in it, silently playing the game and gathering all the attraction towards her. She plays an undoubted silent student act, where actual stories arise. 

Bilal Abbas as Haider is a fiance of Sana Javed as Amal who stands with the aggressive crowd and the media and threatens the professor of accusing Amal. He plays an honest yet aggressive boy who stands in every fight and always stood on the right side of truth. Haider looks aggressive and on the other hand, looks shady and shows splendid chemistry with his fiance, and shows compassionate love toward her.

Moreover, Fahad Sheikh as Bilal’s elder brother plays a significant role in it. Dunk drama is based on a real event that has lots of drama, thrill, and suspense in it. This drama captures the attraction of the audience due to its intense and impressive sequence that revolves around the story between the present and past events.

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Dunk Drama Reviews

After seeing both Bilal Abbas and Sana Javed, make their mark with their impeccable acting skills in their respective dramas, Pyar Ke Sadqay and Ruswai. We’re excited to explore out the type of chemistry they’re going to display together on the Dunk screen. With such a blockbuster cast, sparks are getting to fly all around!

It’s a mystery, written by Mohsin Ali. What’s more, it features Bilal Abbas Khan, Mehmood’s most bankable star-actor.

The two are working together for the third time (after ‘Balaa’ and ‘Cheekh’). Bilal is cast alongside Sana Javed. The supporting line-up is not any less stellar and includes Nouman Ijaz, Azakeh Daniel, and Fahad Sheikh. Daniel has also earlier worked with Mehmood on ‘Cheekh’ she played Bilal Abbas’s sister.

Beautiful actress Azekah Daniel and good-looking Fahad Sheikh also are paired up with the drama serial Dunk. Dunk story revolves around two main couples Amal (Sana Javed), Haider (Bilal Abbas), and Azekah Daniel, Fahad Sheikh. It looks like this drama goes to line some new records. Its amazing cast has made fans very curious. Fans are very eager about this upcoming drama, thanks to the fantastic cast.

People Review

In reality, many women are facing harassment in the university and face some serious problems. The teaser of the drama does not tell much as it leaves many questions in the mind of the viewer. It will be very interesting to watch whether Amal is innocent or Professor. People think that this drama is a mixture of Cheekh and Ruswai but this story has a different storyline and it is interesting to know the truth. 


Dunk Drama has a very different and thrilling storyline that is on-air on ARY digital channel. They cast very talented and hard-working actors who did an excellent job and make it more interesting. This drama is worth watching, and we hope this drama Dunk will be trending soon. 

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