HUM TV Drama Man Jogi, Cast, Timings, Ost, Teasers, Story, and Reviews

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Man Jogi Drama Review

Writer: Saji Gul

Director by: Kashif Nisar

Man Jogi Drama Cast:

  • Noman Ijaz
  • Saba Qamar
  • Agha Mustafa Hassan
  • Gul e Rana
  • Faiza Gillani
  • Uzma Hasan
  • Saqib Sameer

HUM TV Drama Man Jogi OST

will be updated soon

HUM TV Drama Man Jogi Timings

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HUM TV Drama Man Jogi Story Line

Man Jogi serial is another upcoming drama that will be aired on Hum TV. This TV drama serial Starting from this year 2020. The exact date isn’t revealed yet. The show’s story depends on devotion. The central role in this drama serial is Noman Ijaz, Saba Qamar, and Agha Mustafa, and the story rotates around between these characters. Nearby Noman Ijaz and Saba Qamar, Man Joggi will star Agha Mustafa Hassan, Uzma Hassan, Gul E Rana, and others in essential roles.

In this drama, the story play on Noman Ijaz and Saba Qamar. This eagerly awaited project is organized by ‘Dar Si Jati Hai Sila’ and ‘Inkaar’ successful, acclaimed executive Kashif Nisar. The drama serial is composed of Saji Gul, who gave us a perfect work of art like O’Rangreza.

Expert on-screen character Noman Ijaz is a legend in himself. There has been no match for the nature of ability that Noman Ijaz has and the character that he can welcome on-screen with regards to acting. Negative, positive, caring personality, a medieval master. A slow-witted individual, a youngster molester, there is positively no job that Noman Ijaz hasn’t played and wowed his crowd with.

man jogi

Furthermore, it’s not out of the question that with regards to throwing an entertainer nearby Noman Ijaz, we have somebody who can coordinate his progression for step. Also, Saba Qamar comes near this. The two sturdy entertainers are presently meeting up for a drama serial, named Man Jogi.

saba qamar

According to Drama Reviews, Mann Jogi will take crowds on a passionate rollercoaster. The arrangement will take watchers through the three critical periods of their heroes’ lives. Recently named Mr. and Mrs. Shameem, the drama series was composed of Saji Gul and coordinated by Kashif Nisar. Man Joggi is a chronicle of a couple who doesn’t comply with affinity concerns and desires and is expected to perform on a worldwide spilling site.

man jogi

Encircled by exceptional, gifted, and excellent on-screen characters, something important will be out just around the corner!


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