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Log Kya Kahenge Drama All Info

Director: Mohsin Mirza

Writer: Soofia Khurram

Producer: Abdullah Seja

Production: Idream Entertainment

Log Kya Kahenge Drama Timings: 

25 July 2020 on ARY Digital

Log Kia Kahenge Drama Full Cast:

  • Faysal Qureshi as Saad
  • Saheefa Jabbar Khattak as Meerab
  • Aijaz Aslam as Haseeb
  • Sakina Samo
  • Kinza Razzak
  • Afshan Qureshi
  • Anoosheh Rania Khan

Log Kya Kahenge Drama OST

Singer: Ali Tariq

Lyrics: Ahsan Ali Taj

Composition: Ahsan Ali Taj Music

Arrangement: Ahsan & Ali Tariq

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Log Kya Kahenge Drama Reviews

Log Kya Kahenge is a Pakistani TV Drama that will be debuted on 25 July 2020 on ARY Digital. Directed by Mohsin Mirza and written by Soofia Khurram, it highlights Saheefa Jabbar and Aijaz Aslam in critical jobs. Other than Saheefa and Aijaz Aslam, Log Kya Kahenge has an elite player cast including Faysal Qureshi, Sakina Samo, Afshan Qureshi, and Humera Zaheer. Abdullah Seja produced it under their banner Idream Entertainment.  

Log Kya Kahenge Drama Story

“After Beti and Bhool, this is her third undertaking with executive Mohsin Mirza,”. Saheefa said: “I am trying the character of Meerab, who is joyfully married and very well settled in life. Meerab belongs from a wealthy family; in any case, things get ugly when her husband, Haseeb (attempted by Aijaz Aslam), loses his job.” 

After losing his job, when he asks his wife for what valid reason has she begun objecting, rather than tolerating the truth, she answers she will die if he talks about his problems. Also, his children begin accusing him after the insult they suffered in the school for not having the option to pay charges. But he tries his hard to keep up the way of life he had set for himself and his family. 

Saad, played by Faysal Quraishi, is scared that his family may wind up having a similar destiny as the group of his friend Haseeb, who resigned to the social pressure. 

It would appear that 2020 is also the year of pretentious shows on ARY Digital only like the most recent year and years before that. ARY Digital has risen above the boundaries of the entertainment scene of Pakistan by bringing in a steady progression bright drama serial to keep the crowds trapped and marathon watch every drama. The drama that air on ARY Digital not only provide pure entertainment and illuminate the viewers about points no one for the most part discusses. These shows also have an essential impact on the destigmatization of specific issues. 

The artist proceeded to state that the drama serial is about the conflict of this couple who is frantically captivated with one another. “I can’t uncover much about the plot of Log Kya Kahenge, yet however there will be a significant twist, and you will notice how Meerab actions to prop things up,” shared Saheefa.

Log Kya Kahenge Teasers:

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