Ruskin Bond's Writing Style

Ruskin Bond's Writing Style

Posted on Oct 1, 2021

The famous Ruskin Bond has written many books over the last so many years. Whenever you read any of the books written by Ruskin Bon, you come to the realization that the appeal of any of his famous stories was in the simplicity of his writing style. While writing simply, the depth of the subject matter was still profound. Most of Ruskin Bond's famous books are influenced by his life spent in the hill stations of India, especially his experiences while living in Dehradun.

Through the many Ruskin Bond books, the author's simple yet poignant style of writing reflected his own experiences, the social and cultural aspects of India, and the changing political scenario of the country when he was growing up. Having lived through colonial, post-colonial, and post-independence India, the experiences drawn from these very important phases the country has passed through are reflected deeply upon Ruskin Bond's writing style.

It would not be incorrect to say that after reading the books written by Ruskin Bond, many children developed a love for the mountains and nature. The writing style in Ruskin Bond storybooks has made these books popular since they served as a window to life in the mountains. Even today, as an adult, if you read Ruskin Bond's best books, it will make you want to go back to a simpler time. A time when living in a small house, eating basic food, playing outside for hours with your friends, and having fewer material belongings to worry about was the norm.

Over the years, many people have asked Bond about the simplicity of his writing style. His response to these questions has always been that he aimed to achieve a writing style that was conversational and easy to understand. He did not want to make his readers, especially his little ones, toil and sweat to realize what the book was about.

Having experimented with many different genres, Ruskin Bond books for kids will always remain his favorite writing style. Even today, this great writer of some of the most famous books of all time encourages young writers to strive to follow his 'simple' writing style. He has many words of wisdom to pass on to budding writers who are poised on the threshold to become famous authors.

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