Shehnaz Sheikh Biography – Career, Dramas, Acting, and Achievements

Shehnaz Sheikh Biography – Career, Dramas, Acting, and Achievements

Posted on Nov 23, 2020

Shehnaz Sheikh was born in Kalaw, now Burma. She is a Pakistani television actress, host, and theater director. She is an actress who knows how to make people laugh and cry with her acting. She is the only actress who has a natural style of acting.

Shehnaz Sheikh Career:

Shehnaz Sheikh started her acting career with the PTV drama serial "Ajnabi". After this, she made her debut with the drama serial "Balila" in 1980. This drama was written by Shoaib Hashmi. After this, Shehnaz Sheikh got fame and respect from the people. Her drama was based on the people of the 80s. After this, she signed the drama serial written by Haseena Moin's "Ankahi" which was directed by Syed Moshin Ali and Shoaib Mansoor with Shakeel Yousuf, Javed Sheikh, Behroze Sabzwari, Badar Khalil, and Qavi Wajid.

After that, she appeared in another PTV drama "Maray Thay Jin K Liye" where she played the role of a modern, independent woman. Her character in this drama serial was also loved by the people. After this, she again collaborated with Haseena Moin, and again gave a super hit drama serial as a businesswoman which got too much success and fame. This drama serial was Tanhaiyaan which was directed by.

Shehnaz Sheikh was a brilliant host of her time. She has hosted a number of TV shows in the 1990s. Her famous shows are "Uncle Sargam" who is a puppet character and "Yes Sir No Sir". She has also hosted the shows "Showbiz Masala" for the NTM channel, and "Meri Pasand" for PTV.

Shehnaz made her directorial debut in Agatha Christie's 1960 theater play "The Mousetrap" at LGS Paragon in 2010. After her successful career, Shehnaz retired from the Pakistan Media Industry in the early years.

Shehnaz Sheikh 80's Plays:

Shehnaz Sheikh was one of the most talented actresses of the 80s TV Play of the Pakistan Media Industry. She was an extremely versatile, and amazing actress of that time. She has a natural acting style. She has the skill of giving life to the character. Through her expressions and the delivery of dialogue and her acting skills are just amazing. Her acting was pure and honest. She was the most amazing actress in the Pakistani Media industry of the 80's.

Shehnaz Sheikh Dramas:

  1. Balila- PTV
  2. Ankahi- PTV
  3. Maray Thay Jin K Liye- PTV
  4. Tanhaiyaan- PTV
  5. Daak Time With Uncle Sargam- PTV
  6. Yes, Sir No Sir- PTV
  7. Showbiz Masla- NTM
  8. Meri Pasand- PTV

Shehnaz Sheikh Talks about the Modern-Day Heroine:

The dramas like Tanhaiyaan and Ankahi provide high-quality entertainment and were brought by talented stars. Shehnaz Sheikh was one of the many stars we loved. In an interview, Shehnaz Sheikh was asked "what she thinks about the modern heroine, who are the heroines of today? She answered with a huge laugh, she said that they are doing their job very greatly, better than our time where we have no one to guide us. Actresses of today are very groomed, they know everything.

Another question was asked to Shehnaz Sheikh that "What changes in the industry she wishes to see today?" She answered that "Everyone was doing their job very well. Everything is right on its time, what we did that was fine on our time, what they are doing now is fine for this time.

Shehnaz Sheikh Height, Weight, Eye Color, and Hair Color:

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Weight: 65 KG

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Why Shehnaz Sheikh Refused for Acting:

Well-known actress Shehnaz Sheikh left the showbiz industry, by saying that there is a lack of some characters and challenges. She has started her career with the serial of PTV. She has made her name prominent in the industry because of the acting skills that she has. She has also got many offers from India for working in the movies but she never accepted these offers.

She has hosted many TV Shows and got fame from these shows and audiences want her back on the screen. But she said now I'm done with the acting because my time is over now. Now let me enjoy the young actors and actresses acting.

Shehnaz Sheikh Favorites:

  • Favorite Actor: Waheed Murad
  • Favorite Actress: Nasreen Rizvi
  • Favorite Singer: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  • Favorite Food: Rice, Juice, Vegetables, Milk
  • Favorite Destination: Pakistan
  • Favorite Color: Balck, White, Pink
  • Hobbies: Reading Books, Cooking, Travelling

Shehnaz Sheikh Achievements:

Shehnaz Sheikh was one of the best actresses of the 80s of Pakistan television plays of the Media Industry. The talented actress played extremely versatile roles in a very natural way. She has the best acting skills, like the expressions she has, the delivery of dialogues through which has given beautiful colors to the characters that she has played. Shehnaz Sheikh was a memorable actress of the Pakistani Media who will also be remembered in the mind of everyone.


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