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Sajjad Ali was born on 24th August 1966 in Karachi, Pakistan. He is a well-known name in Pakistan. A well-known singer who has command of pop and classical music. He is a Pakistani rock and pop singer, poet, film, producer, and director. His albums became hits. He is still making his name in the music industry with his singing. He is ruling on the hearts of every person.


24th August 1966



Birth Place

Karachi, Pakistan




Singer, songwriter, musician

Years Active


Marital Status


Sajjad Ali Career:

He is one of the most famous names in the music industry. He is making his name in the industry with his talent. He is not only making his name in Pakistan but he has also made his name prominent in India.

Sajjad Ali’s first album “Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics” was launched in 1979. Poet of Mughal era Momin Khan and Indian activist Hasrat Mohaani wrote songs for this album and Ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali, Amanat Ali, and Mehdi Hassan was a musician.

Famous artist Sohail Rana noticed Sajjad Ali in his show “Rang Birangi Duniya”. In 1980, he performed in “Rang Rung”. The performance made him popular.

He created albums titled “Chief Saab”, “Babia 93”, and “Shonii Lg di”. He wrote lyrics for many songs. In July 2006, he released a classical song “Chal Rehn Day”. On 3rd September 2006, he collaborated with Meloscience Crop and released a song “Sajjad Ali Sensym Flight” with Jazzy, and Sufi beats.

On 22nd May 2011, Ali released his two new compilations from Shoaib Mansoor’s movie “Bol” in India and was released in Pakistan by Fire Records on 30th May 2011. He also performed the song “Kir Kir” in the 2nd episode of Coke Studio. In 2017, his first collaboration with the famous rapper Bohemia became a super-hit on social media.

Sajjad Ali Family:

Sajjad Ali is the son of Shafqat Hussain, a Pakistani cricketer and film artist. Sajjad Ali got married in 1989 to his college fellow Naureen. The couple has two daughters and two sons.

Sajjad Ali Education:

After completing F.A. from NCA (National College of Arts), he started his music education from his uncle Tasaduq Hussain. During training, Tasaduq used to play classical music from Sajjad’s granduncles, including Ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali, Ustaad Mubarik Ali, and Ustaad Barkat Ali.

Sajjad Ali Songs:

  1. Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics
  2. Love Letter
  3. Goldies Not Oldies
  4. Silver Jubilee Star Sajjad Ali
  5. Sajjad Aliin Gold Sartaaj Volume 2
  6. Golden Jubilee 2 Sajjad Ali Volume 2
  7. Diamond Jubilee
  8. Golden Jubilee 84 Sajjad Ali
  9. Remix Sajjad Ali
  10. Sajjad Ali Volume 1&2
  11. Babia 93
  12. Wachan

Sonu Nigam pays tributes to Sajjad Ali:

Sajjad Ali is one of the most revered singers of all over the world. Sonu Nigam is one of the most famous musicians in Indian. Sonu Nigam pays tribute to Sajjad Ali by saying that he is a famous singer not only in Pakistan but also in India.

Meeting with Sonu Nigam Sajjad Ali said “Nice meeting with you Sonu Nigam, thank you so much for your love and respect and he said more love for you from my side stay blessed”.

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