Robin Sharma Biography - Net Worth, Wife, Testimony, Books, and much more Information

Robin Sharma Biography - Net Worth, Wife, Testimony, Books, and much more Information

Posted on Jun 21, 2021

Robin Sharma is a Canadian writer best known for the "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" series. He's a prolific author whose works have received a lot of attention. He's also accomplished several other noteworthy achievements throughout his life, including graduating from Yale. We wanted to understand more about him and how he becomes such a wise writer, and we were impressed by what we discovered. Here are 20 facts about Robin Sharma that you probably didn't know about him to help you get to know him a bit better if you're a fan of his novels or not.

Childhood and Early Life

Robin Sharma was born in Uganda to Indian (Kashmiri) parents Shiv and Shashi Sharma on June 16, 1964. When he was a year old, his family relocated to Canada. His father is a physician who established his practice in Toronto, and his mother is a teacher.

Sanjay, his younger brother, is a well-known Canadian eye surgeon. As a youngster, his father had a significant effect on him. Sharma was encouraged to pursue his ambitions and not to give up on excellent ideas. Instead of contemplating, he was pushed to act on them. Sharma is a qualified attorney. He studied law at Dalhousie University's 'Schulich School of Law.' He earned his LLB and LLM degrees there.

Personal Life & Wife

Due to Robin's busy work schedule as a litigation lawyer, he and his wife, Alka, split. Colby and Bianca, his children, reside with him. Part of his book, "Family Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari," was inspired by the challenging family problems he faced throughout his marriage.

The book teaches how to unleash one's children's inherent leadership potential and improve connections between individuals and their loved ones. He professes to be hooked to literature and enjoys reading. His love of literature extends beyond merely reading. Sharma admitted to buying the same book repeatedly, with different covers and bindings, in a 2009 interview.

Quick Facts about Robin Sharma Life

  1. Robin is a prominent leadership specialist.

Robin Sharma is a well-known leadership expert who has consulted with some of the world's most renowned individuals. He is regarded as one of the world's top five experts in this field. Royalty, well-known music musicians, and other celebrities have consulted his advice.

  1. Sharma penned a successful novel.

Sharma published a book titled "The Leader Who Had No Title." This is, without a doubt, one of his best works. It has climbed to the top of bestselling book lists in the United States and other nations. This is just one of his many publications, but it is so full of important information that he has won countless praises and high acclaim for it.

  1. In the business sector, Robin Sharma is in great demand.

Robin has been sharing his views on effective leadership for more than two decades, and he is regarded as a world-class speaker and authority on leadership concepts. PwC, FedEx, Oracle, HP, Nike, Microsoft, GE, and even NASA have invited him to speak.

  1. He's a member of the Ivy League

Robin Sharma is a recognized name when significant institutes of higher learning have an important event coming up, and they want to arrange for him to speak if at all possible. Because of his standing as a world-class specialist, he has been asked to speak at key events at Yale University. His name carries a lot of weight since he constantly has something to say that is relevant to present business leaders and those who desire to be leaders in the future.

  1. He was born in the country of Uganda

Robin Sharma was born in Uganda, an East African country, on March 18, 1965. Even though he was born in this country, he is a Canadian citizen. He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and is, therefore, a Canadian citizen.

  1. Sharma's message reaches millions of people

Sharma has a global audience of around 600 million individuals who watch him every year. He accomplishes this through his books, speaking appearances, and social media updates. His primary purpose is to assist people in doing their best work in an ever-changing world. His universes assist people in realizing their leadership potential and performing at their best. Personal responsibility, innovation, mastery, and productivity are some of the subjects he discusses.

  1. He self-published his book

If you write a book, having it published might take years if it ever occurs. Unsolicited manuscripts are highly scrutinized by publishers, making it difficult for writers who have yet to be published. Mr. Sharma wrote and self-published his book "MegaLiving" in 1994. He did the same with his "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" series, but thankfully, Harper Collins bought it up for distribution after it was released. This was a much-needed break for him, but he took the initiative and did not give up. This is the type of attitude and mentality that a great leader possesses. It's having a steely resolution and overcoming hurdles to reach a realistic objective, no matter what.

  1. Sharma has a distinct point of view on leadership

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Robin Sharma's leadership style is his insistence that no title is necessary to be a leader. Leadership may exist in both our personal and professional life. Sharma has helped millions of people understand what leadership is and how to put it into action through this comprehensive approach to fulfilling one's full potential as a leader. Many people have benefited from his teachings.

  1. Robin Sharma is a CEO as well

Sharma established Sharma Leadership International Inc, a global learning company. He bases the headquarters and operations on educating others about his very successful transformation and personal improvement methods via this organization. As a specialist in the sector, he heads this enormous company with a worldwide client base. He understands what it takes to manage day-to-day operations.

  1. At an early age, he became a lawyer

Sharma worked as a litigation lawyer before founding Sharma Leadership International. He studied law at Dalhousie University at Canada's Schulich School of Law. He has two legal degrees, including a master's degree. He might have easily pursued a career in law, but he was drawn to leadership and to assisting others in realizing their own potential. We can see how pursuing his genuine passion led to success and financial gain.

  1. He is a parent who is raising his children on his own

Robin was married to Alka Sharma; however, the marriage failed, and the two divorced. They have two children as a couple. Sharma stated that his two children are his greatest gifts and that his career comes in second. Here's a person who knows what's essential.

  1. His father was a role model for him

Robin Sharma was born to Shiv and Shashi Sharma in the year 1964. When his family came to Canada, he was just a year old. They have Indian ancestors. His father was a physician, while his mother was a teacher. His father encouraged him to pursue his ambitions. He also encouraged him to hang on to excellent ideas and put them into action rather than merely thinking about them. Robin Sharma is a guy of action, so we can tell he took this advice to heart.

  1. He comes from a professional family

Robin's parents were both professionals with advanced degrees, and they set an excellent example for him and his younger brother. Robin became a lawyer who later became a CEO, while his brother Sanjay is a Canadian eye surgeon. In some ways, both sons followed in their father's footsteps, and though Robin did not pursue a medical degree, he did complete his schooling with a doctorate in law.

  1. Sharma took a gamble and switched careers

If you want to alter your life, sometimes you have to take a chance. He resigned from his position as an attorney at law. He authored a book and had it edited by his mother. To make the copies, he went to a Kinko's. He had 2,000 copies of the book produced and stored at his house. His first and second books were do-it-yourself efforts, but he had a vision and a desire, and he was doing all he could to carve out a new life for himself, and it all worked out because look where he is now.

  1. He enjoys going out and having fun

Robin Sharma is just like the rest of us, and he doesn't devote all of his time to teaching or operating his company. There are times when he has to go away from his clients and business matters to unwind and be himself. We discovered that he has a few hobbies that he enjoys doing in his spare time. He enjoys traveling and hiking, being in nature, sailing, skiing, having a good discussion, reading, and listening to music. He provides so much that he needs to refuel his batteries from time to time.

  1. Robin has a couple of favorite films

Knowing what movies a person likes might reveal a lot about them. Nightskymine Blogspot said that he is a big fan of several pretty fantastic films. "Dead Poets Society," "Life is Beautiful," "Gladiator," "Scent of a Woman," "The Shawshank Redemption," "Braveheart," "Million Dollar Baby," and "The Matrix" are among his favorites. Many of these films are motivating because they touch viewers emotionally and make them feel something. In Gladiator and Braveheart, we find two born leaders who were disadvantaged, yet this did not make them any less courageous or real born leaders. Both were able to rise above their circumstances and keep their sense of right and wrong until the end of their lives.

  1. Robin Sharma is admired by international leaders and royalty alike

We were delighted to learn that Mr. Sharma has influenced people from all walks of life worldwide. Even dignitaries, chiefs of state, and the British Royal Family have praised him. Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu, as well as music singer Jon Bon Jovi, were fans. He's impacted a wide range of individuals, and they hold him in high regard as a man and a professional.

  1. He understands what it's like to be unsuccessful

When you look at Robin Sharma now, you see a happy, successful businessman who appears to have it all. He's well-educated, an expert in his profession, well-respected on a global scale, and his thoughts are sought out. However, there was a moment in his life when things were not going as well as he had hoped. His first book, which he abandoned his job to pursue as a writer, did not go over well and was a failure. His first try at professional writing was not uncommon, but he felt empty for a long time. His employment as a litigation lawyer didn't provide him with the sense of fulfillment he believed he deserved. Rather than continue in a job he disliked, he followed his heart and did not look back, although it was not an easy time for him.

  1. In his 55 years, he has learned a lot

Throughout his life, Robin Sharma has experienced both highs and lows. He has a lot to give to the world, but the world has a lot to offer to him as well. He's been alive for six decades and has accumulated a wealth of life experience. He shares them with anybody who will listen to inspire people to discover and utilize their inner resources. Robin has the heart of a gifted teacher, and his lessons are simple to grasp. He doesn't speak over the heads of his listeners but rather in a way that they can understand.

  1. He's an expert who can teach you how to do it yourself

There is only one Robin Sharma and only one of you. He's mastered a variety of skills, including getting his self-concept. One of the services he does is educate others on obtaining mastery over their life by tapping into their inner resources and building on what they already have. Of course, we will continue to learn until we die, and sometimes all we need is someone to remind us of things we previously knew but had forgotten. Robin Sharma is a remarkable human being who has generously shared his expertise for the benefit of humanity.

Robin Sharma Books

Sharma's books, such as "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" and "The Leader Who Had No Title," have topped international bestseller lists. His social media posts reach over 600 million people each year, making him a truly global phenomenon for helping people do brilliant work, thrive amid change, and realize the highest leadership capacities within their organizations. His podcast The Mastery Sessions, which millions of people see in 67 countries, also provides concrete lessons on productivity and leadership.

Achievements & Awards

  • In an independent study done by ',' he was ranked with Jack Welch, Jim Collins, and John Maxwell as one of the top five leadership gurus globally in 2007.
  • 'Toastmasters International' honored him with the 'Golden Gavel' accolade in 2011.
  • Sharma is ranked sixth on the 'Global Gurus Top 30 Leadership Professionals' list for 2019.
  • He has a vast social media following, with his podcasts, YouTube videos, and Facebook postings reaching about 600 million people each year. 

Robin Sharma Net Worth

As of 2021, Robin Sharma's net worth is $12 million. Robin Sharma is a Canadian writer, lawyer, and public speaker. He is the author of 15 international best-selling novels. He earned a significant amount of his money from his books, which is the best-seller globally.


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