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Paul Montgomery “Pauly” Shore is an actor, comedian, director, writer, and producer from the United States. In the 1990s, Shore was best recognized for his appearances in the comedies Encino Man (1992), Son in Law (1993), and Bio-Dome (1996). In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he presented a video show on MTV. Pauly Shore is best known for his numerous film and television appearances. He has a $30 million net worth.

Net Worth: $30 Million
Date of Birth: Feb 1, 1968 (53 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.71 m)
Profession: Comedian, VJ, Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Film director, Presenter, Voice Actor
Nationality: United States of America
Last Updated: 2021

Pauly Shore’s Early Life

Pauly Shore was born Paul Montgomery Shore, son of Mitzi Shore, the founder of The Comedy Store, and comic Sammy Shore. Shore grew up in Beverly Hills, California, and was reared Jewish. He was a student at Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, California.

Bеing rаisеd in Bеvеrlу Hill tоgеthеr with his siblings. It wasn’t until he was 17 years old and working as a tееnаgеr that he debuted as a stand-up comedian at the Allеу Cat Bistro. Hе ореnеd uр hеr lifе аrоund bеing а соmеdiаn, асting, рrоduсing, writing, аnd dirесting.

Pauly Shore’s Career

Comedy career

Shore made his stand-up debut at the Alley Cat Bistro in Culver City at the age of 17, inspired by his parent’s involvement in the comedy and show industry. “Everyone else in the class was completing their SAT applications, but I had already returned mine. I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend college.” Sam Kinison was Shore’s mentor, and he opened numerous of his shows. Shore developed an alter ego persona known as “The Weasel” while touring comedy clubs. Shore’s catchphrase, “Hey, BU-DDY,” was liberally laced with dude speak terminology such as “edged,” “melons,” and “grinding,” as well as his nickname, “The Weasel.”

MTV Career

Shore’s major break came while working as an on-air MTV VJ from 1989 until 1994. Shore had his own program, Totally Pauly, at the height of his MTV stardom, and he hosted MTV’s annual Spring Break parties. He also created a music video for “Lisa, Lisa, the One I Adore,” which he titled “Lisa, Lisa, the One I Adore.”

Movies Career

Shore appeared in the 1992 film Encino Man, which was a minor success. Shore went on to feature in many more personalized films, all of which were less successful: Son in Law (1993), In the Army Now (1994), Jury Duty (1995), and Bio-Dome (1996). (1996). All five films got harshly unfavorable reviews, with the final three each received a Rotten Tomatoes score of less than 10%.

“Shore skips all genres to reach a kind of sublime fingernails-on-the-blackboard effect,” observed film critic Roger Ebert of Shore’s performances in these films. Shore produced, wrote, directed, and starred in Pauly Shore Is Dead, a semi-autobiographical mockumentary that earned him the best reviews of his career (57 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, far higher than his 1990s films), and he also starred in the short-lived reality television series Minding the Store in 2005. Shore appeared in the 2010 film Adopted, in which he travels to Africa to adopt a kid.

Pauly Shore made an appearance as himself in episode 10 of the TV show Alone Together in March 2018.

Pauly Shore’s Personal Life/Wife/Girlfriends

In the 1990s, Shore dated “Tiffani Thiessen” from “Son in Law” and “Kylie Minogue” from “Bio-Dome.” He also dated adult film stars Jewel De’Nyle (2002) and Savannah (1991–1992); Savannah, whose true name was Shannon Wilsey, died by suicide in 1994, and Pauly was with her at Burbank’s St. Joseph’s Hospital when she died.

Pauly Shore’s Houses

Pauly Shore bought a 4,500-square-foot house in the Hollywood Hills for $1.5 million in 1996. He rebuilt the property in 2015 and offered it for $13 million on the market; when he couldn’t find a buyer, he rented it out for $27,000 per month. He put the home back on the market in 2020, this time for $9.5 million.

Pauly Shore’s Net Worth

Pauly Shore has a $30 million net worth as an actor and comedian in the United States. Pauly Shore is most known for his humorous appearances in films such as “Encino Man,” “Son in Law,” and “In the Army Now,” but he is also a stand-up comedian, filmmaker, producer, and podcaster.

Pauly has presented the podcasts “Pauly Shore Podcast Show” and “Pauly Shore’s Random Rants,” and his 2014 mockumentary “Pauly Shore Stands Alone” received the prize for Best Documentary at the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles. Since the early 1970s, Shore’s family has owned the world-famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood.

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