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Birth name Nick Rivera Caminero
Born March 17, 1981
Age 39 Years
Genres Reggaeton, Lain trap
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1994-present
Labels Industria Inc, Sony Latin, RCA
Wife Not known
Kids Not known
Net Worth $ 5 Million

Nicky Jam is a reggaeton singer. After having had great success with Daddy Yankee in the mid-2000s, he returned to center stage in 2015 with his title “El Perdon” / “Forgiveness” with Enrique Iglesias.

In January 2016, he continued with the song “Hasta El Amanecer” which became a hit in July. Nicky Jam of his real name Nick Rivera Caminero was born on March 17, 1981, in Boston, in Massachusetts in the United States. His Puerto Rican father and Dominican mother decide to move to Puerto Rico when he is 10 years old. His childhood was not simple. To help provide for the family, he regularly works under the table in a small supermarket. During his breaks, Nicky Jam, a big fan of hip-hop, has fun improvising songs in front of the brand … This is what one day allows him to attract the attention of a producer who decides to do it to record the first album on the Picoll label. At the age of 11, Nicky Jam published his first reggaeton opus: “Distinto a Los Demas”. The album is not a huge success, but it still attracts the attention of a few producers, including DJ Playero. This also allows the singer to find a place in the music industry.

The Daddy Yankee years

After this first album released in 1994, Nicky Jam collaborates on many hits and meets Daddy Yankee whom he greatly admires, thanks to DJ Playero. The two befriended and are now known as Los Canaris.

They collaborate for many years together delivering hits like “Sabanas Blancas”, or “Guayando”. Between the late 1990s and the early 2000s, Nicky Jam worked with many Labels: Guatauba Productions, Pina Records, White Lion Records, James Records, and of course Los Cangris Inc, Daddy Yankee’s label. In 2001, Nicky Jam finally released his second album “Haciendo Escante” with Pina Records. It is a popular success.

In 2004 he released “Vida Escante”, his third album which was entitled to a special edition the following year. It was also during this period that Nicky Jam fell out with Daddy Yankee. The two put an end to their collaboration, and Nicky’s career declined … The singer has problems with alcohol and drugs in particular. He briefly returned to success with “The Black Carpet” his fourth album released in 2007.

Nicky Jam Biography

Back on the front of the stage

In 2010, Nicky Jam decides to move to Colombia. Much loved and appreciated by the Colombian public, Nicky Jam takes the opportunity to relaunch his career.

He connects hits like “La Prepago”, ” Piensas en Mi”, even offers a new featuring with Daddy Yankee on “El Party Me Llama”. All these titles are proudly at the top of the Colombian rankings. In 2014, Nicky Jam released the first best-of with Codiscos Records and Sony Music Entertainment. The following year, Enrique Iglesias contacted him and convinced him after five hours of discussion to record a title with him. Nicky Jam writes “El Perdon” to him.

The song was released in the spring of 2015 and is huge cardboard displayed for 18 weeks on the first step of the Billboard Hot Latin Songs.  In July 2015, Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias released an English version of the title, “Forgiveness”. The end of 2015 was marked by the announcement of its first American tour: “The Fenix ​​Tour”.

A recipe that does not change!

Nicky Jam was talked about again in stores in early 2016 by revealing the song “Hasta El Amanecer” and his super-hot clip. However, you have to wait a bit before the sauce sets. As a true hit professional of the summer, the singer feels the opportunity and relaunches the promotion around his title at the start of the beautiful season 2016. He is right, the song is placed, as he is now used to, at the top of the Billboard Hot Latin Songs ranking.

Meanwhile, Nicky Jam does not hesitate to tease his fans, by appearing in the studio with the group Mana. A guarantee that his career is booming, he presents during the month of July the Mexican version of the show Lip Sync Battle.

In 2017, Nicky Jam released his seventh album, entitled “Fénix”. Public and critical success since he was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in the album of the year category. It also rose to first place in Billboard’s Top Latin Album, and 28th in the Billboard 200. The album is certified 11 times platinum, for more than 660,000 units sold.

In this opus, we find featuring Sean Paul, J Balvin, Wisin, Daddy Yankee, or even Enrique Iglesias. In parallel, he follows a cinematographic career. You can see it in “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” and “All I Want for Christmas is You”, both released in 2017. He was also recruited to be the hero of a biographical television series called El Ganador.

Hits and soccer

2018 is still the year of success for Nicky Jam. He collaborates in particular with J Balvin on the hit “X” which succeeds in bringing down from the first place of the best sales of singles the interplanetary success that was “Despacito”.

2018 is also under the sign of the Football World Cup for Nicky Jam. He recorded the official FIFA anthem with Will Smith, entitled “Live It Up”. It is besides together that they occur to interpret this hit during the closing ceremony in Russia in Moscow, with the singer Era Istrefi.

Nicky Jam Social Accounts

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