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Bio of Naheed Akhtar

Naheed Akhtar is a Famous Pakistani playback singer, film, and television actress. She started her career being a playback singer in 1970. Her first song was a duet with Khalif Asghar.

Date of Birth of Naheed Akhtar

Naheed Akhtar was born on 26th September 1956. She is 64 years old. Her zodiac sign is Libra. She was born in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.

Physical Stats of Naheed Akhtar

Naheed Akhtar’s height is 171 centimetres and 1.71 meters. However, she is 5 feet, 7 inches tall. She weighs 64 kilograms.

Early Life of Naheed Akhtar

Naheed Akhter is one of the finest and brilliant singers Pakistan has ever had. She has sung for many films and movies. Also, she has performed qawwali, classical, and pop songs, for which she got much acknowledgement.

Naheed Akhter tied the knot to a writer, journalist, and director named Asif Ali Pota. Asif Ali started his career as a trait or feature writer. He collaborated with many newspapers, including the popular Daily Jung.

Later, he worked as a director and writer for the film and television industry. Unfortunately, his life was not more than 55 years. On Saturday 8th July 2017, from cardiac charge, leaving two wives, two daughters, and four sons behind. May his soul rest in peace!

The Career of Naheed Akhtar

Naheed Akhtar has recorded or taped songs in various styles, comprising of Pakistani film music, Ghazal, pop, traditional Pakistani classical music, Qawwalis, Naats, Hands, Punjabi folk songs, and Others.

Her talent was first discovered by an expert music director named Mohammad Ashraf in the 1970s, who urged her to sing in films. Also, she had no proper Ustad or trainer to train her or teach her regarding music. Therefore, Mohammad Ashraf played a vital role in training her.

In 1974, her first film, “Nanha Farishta”, was released, and in the same year, she sang songs in the film named Shama. Initially, it was said in the film; she was introduced to fill up the space of Runa Laila, who had left Pakistan and migrated to Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, people realized that everyone has their talent and position. No one can fill up anyone’s vacuum. However, Naheed Akhtar had her original singing style for which she was acknowledged and famous. She was active in the Pakistani film industry through the 1980s.

Her stylistic ability and trade-marked television impressions went on through the 1970s.

Furthermore, her mind was turned towards the cinema. Films or movies became the priority of Nahid. However, the television went down to the second level. She was a very competent singer and was very popular throughout Pakistan.


  • Naheed Akhtar was presented with three Nigar Film Awards for Best Singer.
  • She was honoured with Pride of Performance in 2007.

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