Mai Bhagi Biography, Songs, Origin, and Awards

Mai Bhagi Biography, Songs, Origin, and Awards

Bio of Mai Bhagi

Mai Bhagi was a Pakistani Folk Artist. Mai Bhagi experienced childhood in a town in the Thar Desert. Her father was Wanhyun Fakir, and her mother was Khadija Maganhar. Both her folks were known melodies of their locale at that time.

Date of Birth of Mai Bhagi

Mai Bhagi was born in 1920. However, she died on the 7th of July in the year 1986. She was born in Mithi, Thar, Sindh. She was born as Bhaag Bhari.

Early Life of Mai Bhagi

Mai Bhagi's original name was Bhag Bhari (which signifies 'a fortunate individual'). She was so attracted to the voice of artist Hothi Fakir at the age of 16. Record maker Sheik Ghulam Hussain, a spouse of Pakistani folk artist Abida Parveen, offered her the chance to record at the Radio Pakistan studios. Her records were played on the radio.

Her people melody 'Kharee neem kay neechey' (under a neem tree) turned into a super-hit among the Pakistani public and got her fame. Pakistan's public authority offered monetary help for her to visit abroad, and she proceeded with her music profession until her demise in 1986.

Songs of Mai Bhagi

  1. Mai Bhagi khari neeem k
  2. Bhit ja bhittai
  3. Lorr munhja
  4. Bhenar munhja hujjan
  5. Munhja pakhi pardes ja
  6. Chirmi na
  7. Chirimiro bilal saan pyaar
  8. Me baaghi hoon
  9. Aayal muhuje qismat

Grants and acknowledgement of Mai Bhagi

  1. She was presented with the Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in the year 1981
  2. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Award
  3. Sachal Sarmast Award


Mai bhagi biography

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