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Biography and Wiki of Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford is an Australian actress born April 29, 1996 (age: 23) Perth (Australia). The eldest daughter of the two Doctors, Elisabeth and Stephen Langford, the actress, has a younger sister named Josephine Langford. Katherine Langford learns singing from an early age and she doesn’t need so much effort to show her talent as an artist.

Besides her passion for musical activities and for sporting activities, she is also interested in politics and medicine.

Katherine Langford Wiki & Information

Real name

Katherine Langford


Katherine Langford





Date of Birth

April 29, 1996

Place of birth

Perth, Australia


23 years (2019)

Marital status


Family and Children


Elizabeth Langford


Stephen Langford

Brothers and sisters

Josephine Langford (Sister)

Ex-Husband / Ex-spouse

Dylan Minette

Wedding Date

N / A


No children

Family and Related People

Brandon Flynn (Actor)

Brie Larson (Actress)

Jennifer Garner (Actress)

Fortune, Values ​​& Net Worth

Katherine Langford’s current fortune stands at approximately $ 5 Million

Physical characteristics

Cut 1.66 m
Weight 60 kg
Eye color Blues
Hair color Ash chestnuts
Surgical operation / Cosmetic surgery No

Personal data

Astrological sign Taurus
Locality United States
studies and degrees Perth Modern School, Main Academy of Dance and Theater Arts
Carrier start 2015
Religion Christian
Hobbies Trip
Political opinion N / A
Favorite meal Pizza
Favorite actor N / A
Favorite singer Lady Gaga
Favorite movie  Sci-fic Movies
Favorite footballer N / A
Favorite song N / A

Little known facts & information

  • 8 million people follow Katherine Langford on social networks and more specifically on Instagram. The confirmed actress is now one of the rising stars of Hollywood thanks to her role in the series 13 Reasons Why.
  • Selena Gomez, the producer of the series boosted Katherine Langford and encouraged her to communicate with her followers and subscribers on social networks.
  • Given the great impact of the “13 Reasons Why” series, many schools have used this product to educate children, parents, and the whole new generation on the subject of suicide and harassment.
  • At the age of 16, Katherine Langford was captain of a swimming team and it was while attending the Lady Gaga concert that she escaped into the world of music, singing, and acting.

13 Reasons Why: actress Katherine Langford wants a career in music

The revelation of the series broadcast on Netflix, the 21-year-old Australian actress who plays the role of Hannah Baker, wishes to flourish in several artistic universes.

A year ago, Netflix subscribers discovered the face of Katherine Langford in the 13 Reasons Why series. Thirteen captivating episodes during which this young Australian plays Hannah Baker, a teenager who ended her days. Through his story recorded on seven cassettes sent beforehand to his friend Clay Jensen, the viewer discovers the reasons which pushed the high school student to commit suicide.

In an interview at 20 Minutes in Switzerland, Katherine Langford revealed that she wanted to devote herself to artistic registers other than that of comedy. “I feel more of a singer than an actress,” said the Perth native. “It’s great to be where I am in Hollywood, but I want to go back to my first love and compose. I hope to introduce some titles to my fans before the end of the year.”

On YouTube, the young woman had published three covers of song on her channel when she was only 17 years old. Since the release of 13 Reasons Why her career has taken on a whole new dimension, and Katherine Langford does not want to close any doors. “I have two films that will be released by the end of 2018,” she said. “I like to act. I don’t want to shoot at all costs. Composing allows me to keep busy while waiting to read a script that makes me want to go in front of the cameras.”

Katherine Langford Movies

Updating soon

Katherine Langford Social Media Profiles


Not available


Katherine Langford Instagram


Not available

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