Kamran Shahid Biography - Show, Family, Father, Mother, Wife, Salary

Kamran Shahid Biography - Show, Family, Father, Mother, Wife, Salary

Kamran Shahid Biography

Kamran Shahid is a Pakistani anchor, author, and journalist. He is the main anchor for the TV show On the Front with Kamran Shahid on Dunya News. Kamran Shahid was born in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Kamran Shahid’s father Shahid was an actor.

He started his journey from GC University Lahore, he completed his Master in Modern History. Then he went to the University of Westminster for higher studies, he returned from the UK and he joined the Government University College as a History Professor. After this, he joined the Quaid e Azam University Islamabad and Punjab University Lahore. He is known as the author of the book known as Gandhi and the Partition of India.


20 September 1976




News anchor




Imran Shahid, Zaheer Shahid


Kamran Shahid started as a television journalist from the PTV Home. Kamran shahid works for different programs. He has done many documentaries, socio-political, and current affairs show. He has conducted many informative programs as well with many leading personalities of our country. Kamran shahid leads the show at Dunya News-On the Front with Kamran shahid Monday to Thursday. He was a guest speaker at the Oxford University Pakistan Society at Oxfordshire County Hall during the Pakistan Young Leaders Conference in February 2011.

Personal Life

Kamran Shahid belongs to a Rajpoot Family. He belongs to Punjab, Lahore. His father is a well-known personality of Pakistani actor Shahid Hameed. His mother completes her study from Kinnaird university.


He completes his degree in International Relations from the University of Westminster, London.


  • Gandhi and the Partition of India: a new perspective, Lahore: 2005
  • International Relations & Political theory, Lahore: 2006 

The Movie as a director

  • The Trial (2017)

Kamran Shahid father

Shahid Hameed is a Pakistani actor and is simply known as Shahid. He worked in many films in the 1970s and 1980s. Shahid Hameed's first film was Aansoo which was released in 1971. He worked in more than 150 films. His last film was ZOR that was released in 1998.

Kamran Shahid Planning to Produced Drama

Famous anchor Kamran Shahid planning to produce a drama. He is going to write a report as well as a drama, which is going to be directed on the famous personalities and events in the history of Pakistan. 

He is the son of famous artist Shahid Hameed who was a famous film actor in the 1970s. Kamran Shahid is a famous anchor. He also wrote columns in Urdu Newspaper Express.

Kamran Shahid Apologies from Amir Liaquat & Haroon Rashid:

Kamran Shahid invites Amir Liaquat and Haroon Rashid in his show on Dunya TV. Amir Liaquat and Haroon Rashid had an intense fight in between. Kamran Shahid apologizes at the end of the show. Kamran Shahid realized that he should apologize to both the guests because they both are invited by him. 

This apology was appreciated by Amir Liaquat and the Leader of MQM and they requested Haroon Rashid for forgiveness.

Book: Gandhi and the Partition of India

The book Gandhi and the Partition of India were written by Kamran Shahid who is teaching International Relations at G.C University. He did his Master in Research in International Relations and Contemporary Political Theory from the University of Westminster London. He also completes his degree in Modern History from G.C University Lahore. He also produces six international papers on the important issue. This book review is based on Gandhi and the partition of the Indian with Gandhi’s perspective. 

The book review is based on the partition of Indian in Gandhi's perspective. This book reviewed Gandhi's ambitions and his ideology frustrates the Indian Muslims about their political future in the united Indian, which caused the Muslim's demands for a separate homeland. This book is divided into three main chapters and further into sub-chapters which supports the argument of the author. 


  • Father: Shahid Hameed
  • Mother: Munaza Shahid
  • Brother(s): Imran Shahid, Zaheer Shahid

Dunya News Presenter Kamran Shahid Slapped with a massive Pay cut:

Dunya news anchor Kamran Shahid hit the massive pay cut in a day and he got a lot of fame in a couple of days. Kamran Shahid has his salary near 1500000. Dunya News is now going down on expenses. There are the reporters although unconfirmed that the management sacked over 80 staffers, mostly technical side, in Lahore.

“THE TRIAL” Directed by Kamran Shahid released in March 2017

This movie was directed by Kamran Shahid which was released in March 2017. Rumors say that this movie is soon going to be released in March. The cast of the movie includes Sadia Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Shamoon Abbasi, and Resham. 

Mikaal Khan and Sadia Khan will be the antagonist (villain). The movie is about history, action, and romance. Abbasi said that he will play the role of the antagonist (villain). He also states that he is loving his part when he came to know about the part which he is going to play. 

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On the Front

On the Front is a tri-weekly news program on Dunya News, broadcast from Pakistan. This show is hosted by the famous anchor Kamran Shahid, the son of famous film actor Shahid Hameed. This show comes from Monday to Thursday at 8;30 PM. This show can be watched online too. 


This show is hosted by the most famous anchor of Dunya News Kamran Shahid, a Journalist, author, and anchor who graduated from the University of Westminster. 


This show is currently based on 60 minutes in Length including breaks. It includes the Monolog (a long speech by the author) on the topic on which is going to speak (by an aural or visual element), on the context of the topic. Then the program starts with a debate of groups of people who have Knowledge on that topic and which include the different political personalities, political affiliations, and socio-economic demographics. 

Kamran Shahid is a well-known personality, a famous anchor, Journalist, and author. Kamran Shahid is the best-Known anchor of Dunya News Channel. 

Social Media Handles


Kamran shahid biography Kamran shahid

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