Farzana Naz Biography, Date of Birth, Husband Career, And Family

Farzana Naz Biography, Date of Birth, Husband Career, And Family

Biography of Farzana Naz

Farzana Naz is an Afghan female singer and artist born in Baghlan, Afghanistan. She is Muslim. She sings mainly Pashto songs and made her first tunes in Pakistan because of the unsteady circumstance in Afghanistan. Her mom is a Dari speaker, while her dad has a place with the Pashtun clan. Her song Paighla De Kabul was the most significant hit in Afghanistan in 2010.

Date of Birth of Farzana Naz

Farzana Naz is born on the 3rd of June in the year 1955. She is 65 years old, currently.

Physical Stats of Farzana Naz

Farzana Naz is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Her height is 165 in centimeters and 1.65 meters. Her eye color and hair color are black.

Hobbies of Farzana Naz

Farzana Naz hobbies were travelling and shopping.

Education of Farzana Naz

There is no news regarding her education. However, she seems an educated lady.

Career of Farzana Naz

Farzana Naz is a part-time vocalist in Peshawar, Pakistan. After giving interviews at Pashto entertainment channels like Shamshad TV and Khaybar, she turned out to be more observable. She has acted in numerous spots for the duration of her life, including in Iran. Farzana's most famous show was in Lashkar Gah, Helmand.

Farzana Naz recorded her initial songs in Pakistan due to the unstable circumstances in Afghanistan. She belongs to the Pashto Dari family. Her song Peghla De Kabul was the super hit song of the year 2010 in Afghanistan. She composes chiefly Pashto songs.

Twelve thousand individuals went to the front and were hailed as a triumph by neighborhood specialists. In any case, the neighborhood Deputy Governor was sacked after ancestral pioneers blew up, saying he shouldn't have let an Afghan lady without a headscarf sing in front of an audience even though Afghan law doesn't drive ladies to wear headscarves. After her song, Shamal, was delivered, Farzana was showered with acceptable responses.


Farzana naz biography

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