Fariha Pervez Biography - Age, Education, Family, Husband, and Awards

Fariha Pervez Biography - Age, Education, Family, Husband, and Awards

Fariha Pervez Biography

Fariha Pervez is a Pakistani Punjabi pop singer, composer, and producer of music. She was born on the 4th of February in the year 1974 and is 47 years old. She is well-known for her performance of numerous outstanding and prominent Ghazals. She commenced her pursuit of anchoring and acting from an incredibly young age on Pakistan Television Corporation, known as PTV.

Born 2 February 1974
Age 47
Occupation Singer
Years active 1996-Present
Genres Pop, Classical, Semi-classical, Folk, Bhangra, Ghazal

She also co-hosted an outstanding children's music program Aangan Aangan Taray. Subsequently, her album Nice & Naughty and her song - Patang Baaz Sajna came to be an instant super hit. From that time, her musical profession took off, and she decided to focus entirely on singing.

Fariha Pervez Personal Life

Fariha is modest, gentle, and soft-hearted, who got a soulful voice for music from her father, genetically. As she pertains to a family of artists, she has considerable skills, comprising anchoring, performing, and singing. She is comprehended for her performance of Ghazals.

She acquires the power to vocalize various music categories, encompassing semi-classical, classical, ghazi, pop, hangar, and folk. Therefore, she has achieved many awards.


Fariha received a degree in psychology, but she commenced acquiring her father's early singing teaching due to her songs' admiration. Later, she started up reviewing Master Feroz Gul's classical symphony.

Fariha Pervez Family

Fariha pertains to a generation of competent artists. She is the niece of prominent actresses Talat Siddique and Rehana Siddique. Arifa Siddique and Naheed Siddique are her cousin sisters. She tied a knot with singer Noman Javed in 2015, but soon fate separated them, and she moved towards the civil judiciary to get a divorce from her spouse.

CAREER Beginning

She began her artistic pursuit by hosting a kids' singing program - Angan Angan Taray.

Fariha commenced her acting occupation with the serial 'Ainak wala jinn,' but soon, everyone became crazy with her voice's enchantment, and she earned a name for herself with traditional songs. Fariha initiated her singing profession in the '90s and has since sung in several Pakistani films.

Her song exists in the heart and soul of the whole of Pakistan. She also titled herself in Punjabi and Urdu traditional songs and Ghazals and fascinated everyone with her voice.

She broadcasted her final album with the title 'Abhi Abhi,' which was well-received.
Relatively rare people proclaim goodbye to the leisure world after achieving the altitudes of art and prestige. Fareeha is one of them. She said goodbye to her singing career, but she decided to perform the Sufi term and religion. It is evident from her image that she no longer craves the world of charm.

Fariha Pervez Awards

  • She has been rewarded with many awards because of her beautiful voice and her constant struggle. 
  • Fariha Pervez was nominated for the Best female singer of the year in 2004.
  • She won the award of Best Female Pop Singer in the year 2004.
  • She won the award for Best Ballad (Yaad Piya Ki Aaye) in 2006.
  • She was nominated for the award of Most Wanted Female in 2006.
  • She won the award of Best Female Singer of Year in 2007.
  • She was rewarded with the award Best Female Singer Of The Year twice in 2009.
  • She was nominated for Best Female Singer of the year again in 2010.
  • She won the award for being the Best Female Singer of The Year in 2011 again. 
  • Then, she was nominated for Best Female Singer in 2011.
  • Remarkably, she won the most Special Award for Achievements in Music in 2015.


Fariha pervez

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