Farida Khanum Biography, Date of Birth, Early Life, Discography, Husband and Awards

Farida Khanum Biography, Date of Birth, Early Life, Discography, Husband and Awards

Biography of Farida Khanum

Farida Khanum is a Pakistani traditional and classical singer from the region of Punjab. She was brought into the world in the fall of 1929 in Calcutta, British India. She had four kin, a sister, and three siblings. Her sister is the acclaimed artist Mukhtar Begum. Their entire family moved from Amritsar, British India, to Lahore, Pakistan, when she was 18 years old.

This article has all the information regarding Farida Khanum’s life, career, and Recognitions.

Farida Khanum Birthday

Farida Khanum was born in the year 1929. Currently, she is 91 years old lady.

The Career of Farida Khanum

Farida Khanum began learning Khayal, Thumri, and Dadra from Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan of Patiala Gharana. As a kid, her sister Mukhtar Begum would take her to the Khan's place for regular riyaz (traditional music practice). Her family moved to Pakistan after the Partition of India in 1947.

Farida Khanum gave her first open show in 1950 at the young age of 21 and afterwards joined Radio Pakistan, where she acquired acknowledgement. She turned into a star when Pakistan's president Ayub Khan invited her to a public presentation during the 1960s.

She has been a continuous entertainer on Pakistan Television and different Pakistani TV channels. The ghazal she is most connected with is Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Naa Karo, written by the celebrated poet Fayyaz Hashmi. In 2015, at 86 years old, she sang this ghazal in Coke Studio (Pakistan) Season 8.

Farida Khanum also visited Kabul, Afghanistan, in the last part of the 1960s or mid-1970s for shows; she worked together with Afghan artists and sang Persian-language ghazals.

Family of Farida Khanum

Farida Khanum lives in Lahore, Pakistan. She has five girls and one child. Sheba Hassan is her niece, known for her presentation in the PTV dramatization serial Sona Chandi in the year 1989. Farida Khanum has been warmly called Queen of Ghazal in Pakistan.

Discography of Farida Khanum

  1. In the year 1978, Farida Khanum performed in a Concert.
  2. In the year 1979 Farida Khanum performed in a Concert Vol. 2.
  3. In the year 1985 Taghazzul Farida Khanum Vol 1.
  4. In the year 1980 Farida Khanum performed in a Concert Vol. 3.
  5. In the year 1993 Farida Khanum sang Meri Pasand Vol 2.
  6. In the year 1993 Farida Khanum sang Meri Pasand Vol 1.

Tracks of Farida Khanum

  1. Voh Ishq Jo Humse
  2. Sham-E-Firaq Ab Na
  3. Main Ne Pairon Mein Payal
  4. Raat Jo Tum Ne Deep
  5. Kuchh Ishq Tha Kuchh
  6. Voh Mujh Se Huwe
  7. Yun Saja Chand
  8. Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo
  9. Bairi More Nainan
  10. Mangwa De Jhumka
  11. Be Chain Bohat Phirna
  12. Suey Maikade Na Jate
  13. Dil Pe Ik Turfa Qayamat
  14. Uzr Aane Main Bhi
  15. Chand Niklee Kisi Janib
  16. Naina Re Naina
  17. Na Rawa Kahiye
  18. Es Tarah Qissa Mera

Awards presented to Farida Khanum

  1. Hilal e Imtiaz was presented to her by the President of Pakistan in the year 2005.
  2. Farida Khan was announced as the Pride of Performance by the President of Pakistan in the year 1970.
  3. She got Hafiz Ali KhanAward in India in the year 2005.
  4. She was known as the Malika-e-Ghazal(Queen of Ghazal) by The Times of India in the year 2007.


Farida khanum biography

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