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Bilal Abbas Khan Biography

Name:                             Bilal Abbas Khan
Date of Birth:                  4th June, 1993
Birth Place:                     Karachi, Pakistan
Profession:                     Actor and Model
Nationality:                    Pakistani
Religion:                        Islam
Star:                               Gemini
Age:                               27 years old
Parents:                         Farhana Sohail and Sohail Abbas Khan
Siblings:                        Sana Tauseef, Shahbaz Abbas Khan and Umair Abbas Khan

Bilal Abbas Education:


Bilal Abbas Introduction:

Bilal Abbas Khan a solitary but graceful artist of Pakistani Industry entered in Media Industry after playing role in his college time acts. With his debut drama, he won many hearts from his audience and now he becomes one of the most favourite artists of everyone. With from zero-touch Media industry to a successful and famous actor, he did a lot of struggle regarding his absorption. His struggles display all his effort on his work, no doubt that he luckily entered in Media Industry but after that, he develops his interest more in it and showed up himself now a very prominent star of Tv. 

Bilal Abbas Personal Life:

Bilal Abbas Khan is born in Karachi on 4th June 1993 in Islamic family. His parent Farhana Sohail and Sohail Abbas khan have no industry background. Bilal has three siblings as one sister Sana Tauseed and two brothers as Shahbaz Abbas Khan and Umair Abbas Khan. He is single and fully focus on his career that’s why he is not interested in getting married. His father wanted him to be in Army that’s why he done his earlier education from Lawrence College, Muree and then done his BBA from SZABIST from Karachi. And Promote himself into the media industry of Pakistan. 

The career of Bilal Abbas:

Bilal Abbas Khan started his debut with a supporting role in “Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi” in 2016, telecasted on HUM TV and move on his next further steps in Industry with Successful delights. With no Experience to a victorious, he is very fortunate in his career. He has done a lot’s drama serials with excellence performance in all these dramas. His debut film “Thora Jee Lay” in 2017was not much good for him but he still hoped for good in future. In an interview, he said now onward he started his career in movies if he gets key role in any movie and gives her best for the movie. Bilal worked with many experienced artists of the Industry and it was very attainment for him to work with them and display himself onscreen with his high effort to prove his hard work. He had done a lot of drama serial in his early years as “Dumpukht Aatish-e-Ishq” with his high fan following after that drama in 2016. He worked BayKhudi as a role in Arsam on Ary Digital in 2016. He worked with one elegant artist of Drama and Movie Armeena Khan in the drama serial “Rasam e Duniya”, a romantic drama serial on Ary Digital Tv in 2017. After that he worked in “Saanp Seerhi”, “Qurban” and his drama serial “O Rangreza” was a very heart touching serial and award-wining for him in 2017. His other award win drama serial was “Balaa” in this his character as Taimoor in 2018, get him to the award of Best Actor of Ary Media. 

Topmost senior artist of Drama Serial and everybody wining heart lady of TV Industry Saba Qamar worked with him in drama serial with Key role of the drama as Negative role of Wajih in “Cheekh”, ranked his fan following towards peak because of his super hit acting in this drama with Saba Qamar. Drama Serial based on the reality of the society that’s why it was the Best Drama serial of the year in 2019. In this year, 2020 he looked on HUM tv drama serial with Yumna Zaidi in love based romantic drama “Pyar k Sadqay” with an innocent role he plays in this serial. The upcoming drama is “Aik Jhooti Love Story” to be announced soon, let’s see what character more he will display onscreen with whom?

Moreover, he worked in many of telefilms such as “Aashiq Colony” in 2016 as a role of Aashiq, “Kitni Girhain Baki Hain” in 2016 as supporting role Munney Mian, “Mohabbat Hogayee Aakhir” in 2017 as a role of Hamza on Eid Special, “Yeh Ishq Hai” in 2017, “Weham” in 2018 and “Laaal” in 2019 as a role of Behram. Let’s see what will be the next from him? In the short time from 2016 to 2020, he got fame with his hard work in Industry, example for all those who want to join Media Industry with their talents.   


Bilal Abbas Drama List:

Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahin – 2016
Dumpukht – 2016
Saanp Seerhi- 2017
Rasm-e-Duniya – 2017
Qurban – 2017
Baykhudi – 2017
O Rangreza – 2017
Balaa – 2018
Cheekh – 2018
Payar k Sadqay — 2019

Bilal Abbas Movies :

Thora Jee Lay

Bilal Abbas Awards and Nominations

• Hum Award for Best Onscreen Couple Popular “O Rangreza” -2018
• ARY Media Awards for Best Actor “Balaa” -2019

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