Ali Azmat Biography - Career, Family, Movies, and Songs

Ali Azmat Biography - Career, Family, Movies, and Songs

Posted on Nov 25, 2020

Ali Azmat was born on 20th April 1970 in Havelian city in Abbottabad. He is a Pakistani actor, songwriter, and musician. He has gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan and all over the world. He is the notable vocalist and lyricist of Pakistan as a music artist and as an actor too. He is the best lead singer In Pakistan. He is considered a notable rock musician.

Ali Azmat Career:

Ali Azmat is a famous singer, musician, and actor. He is considered the notable vocalist and lyricist of Pakistan.

Ali Azmat Join Jupiter:

Ali Azmat started his career with Jupiter in 1986. This band started in Lahore and he was trying to make his name in pop and rock singing. Being a member of Jupitar, he wrote "Dosti" which became a song later which became the source of his fame nationally.

Ali Azmat Join Junoon:

Ali left Jupitar in 1990 to join "Junoon", where he become famous nationally by completing his song "Dosti". He released his debut album Junoon which was produced by the band's creator Salman Ahmed. He then released his second album "Talash" which took him to the heights of fame and popularity. In 1995, he again released an album "Kashmakash". After this, Inqilaab was a hit album in 1996.

His song "Aye Jazba Junoon Tu Himmat Na Haar" proves to be the hit album of his. During the 1996 World Cup, the national cricket adopted the song "Jazba Junoon" as the national anthem, which received too much love from the audience. He also got fame as the Sufi rock singer with his fourth album Azaadi's song "Sayoni". He gained international popularity with the release of "Azaadi" in India.

Singing and Solo Career in India:

Ali Azmat As an Actor:

Ali has got great fame and popularity as a singer, but he also proves his acting skills, and he has played a role in the Pakistani film "Waar" with Shan Shahid and Meesha Shafi. He played the role of a politician, got much fame and proves to be the way for his acting skills. He has also played as an actor in the film "Jhol".

Ali Azmat in Coke Studio:

Ali Azmat has sung many songs as a singer in Coke Studio. In Season 6 of Coke Studio, he sang "Babu Bhai". In Season 7 of coke studio, he sang "Rangeela" and in season 9, he sang "Mun Kunto Moula". He has sung songs in season 11 of Coke Studio. His performances are highly loved by the people.

Ali Azmat Family:

Ali Azmat's family belongs to Kashmir, and his father Nazeer Ahmad Butt, is a middle-class business person who died in 2013. Ali married TV producer Fareeha Khan on 10th September 2011, and the couple is blessed with two daughters Mia and Ella.

Ali Azmat Movies:

  • Waar
  • Jhol
  • Ali Azmat Albums:
  • Waar
  • Josh
  • Coke Studio Season 1,6,7,9&11
  • Social Circus

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