Ali Abbas Biography, Age, Family, and Drama List- Gossip Pakistan

Ali Abbas Biography, Age, Family, and Drama List- Gossip Pakistan

Posted on Mar 4, 2021

Ali Abbas Biodata

Ali Abbas is a Pakistani actor from Karachi, still resides in Karachi, and belongs to a family with artists. Ali was born on the 9th of February, in the year 1984. He is a committed and devoted Pakistani actor. He is an adaptable actor who plays various roles on screen and has earned immense liking from his fans for his incredible acting skills.

He is giving tough time to all the actors with his fabulous performance. He has wanted to become an actor since childhood. He has done bachelor's in law. His dream of becoming an actor didn’t fade even after being a lawyer.

Date of Birth 9 February 1984
Age 37
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Actor
Spouse(s) Hamna Ali

Ali Abbas Physical Stats

Ali Abbas is a Pakistan television actor. Ali is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 77 kgs. He has a slim body type and is 37 years old currently. His hair and eye color are black.

This article contains detailed information about him, including Ali Abbas Biography and Ali Abbas Family.

Family of Ali Abbas

Ali Abbas belongs to a prominent family in the Showbiz industry. He owns an artistic background. His family has given some masterwork to the industry of Showbiz, and his skills prove that soon he will be on the list of most successful and prosperous actors of Pakistan like his parents. His family is part of Showbiz, either paternal or maternal.

Waseem Abbas and Saba Hameed are his parents, who are one the most successful and popular actors in the Showbiz Industry, for a very long time. Meesha Shafi is his step-sister, who is a prominent singer of Pakistan and his step-brother, named Faris Shafi is a rapper and an actor of Pakistan. Agha Ali and Ali Sikandar are his paternal cousins. Also, they are the most prominent actors in the Pakistani Industry.

Late Inayat was his paternal grandfather, who was also an actor, producer, director, and playback singer too. Therefore, his maternal grandfather late Hameed Akhtar was a writer, journalist, and newspaper columnist.

Ali Abbas is happily married to Hamna Ali. He tied the knot with her in 2012 before entering the showbiz industry. He has two kids I.e., Reesa Ali and Salaar Ali.

Ali Abbas Career

Ali Abbas started his career initially being a lawyer at an office. However, he left his law career as he was attracted towards acting, genetically. He has acting skills in his genes so he started working in showbiz as an actor.

Ali Abbas made his first debut drama serial 'Lado me pali' featuring Maya Ali and Sajjal Ali, in 2014. He got prominent and popular in his very first serial and he got more and more projects to work on.

He got an opportunity to work with many successful and well-known artists such as Sarah Khan, Ayeza Khan, Aiman Khan, Shahzad Sheikh, Imran Abbas, and the list goes on.

He performed many different roles on-screen and did justice to each and every character in every possible way. He did a splendid job whether being insane basil of Khali Hath or coward Zarbad of Tum Kon Piyaa.

Dramas of Ali Abbas

  1. Ladoon Mein Pali - 2014
  2. SusralMera - 2014
  3. Wohdubara - 2015
  4. Aye Zindagi - 2015
  5. Guriya Rani - 2016
  6. Kiseychahoon - 2016
  7. KitniGirheinBaki Hain - 2016
  8. Mann Mar Jaye Na - 2017
  9. Ghrtitlika par - 2017
  10. Nazr e Bad - 2017
  11. Khaali Hath - 2017
  12. ShikwaNhikisisy - 2017
  13. Lekin - 2017
  14. MeraKhudaJaany - 2018
  15. Rubaroothaishq - 2018
  16. Tum sy hi taaluqhai - 2018
  17. Kbhi band Kabhibaja - 2018
  18. NaqabZun - 2019
  19. Tum Konpiya - 2019
  20. Mehr or Mehrbaan - 2019
  21. Rishtybiktyhain - 2019
  22. Kahin deep jalay - 2019
  23. Deewangi - 2020
  24. Titli - 2021

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