Ahmed Rushdi Biography - Career, Music, Family, and Songs

Ahmed Rushdi Biography - Career, Music, Family, and Songs

Ahmed Rushdi was born on 24th April 1934 in Hyderabad Deccan, British India. He is a well-known singer. He is also considered a pop singer in Pakistan. His songs motivated the young generation. He has received numerous awards. It is clear that a singer like him cannot be found in Pakistan's film industry.

Ahmed Rushdi Career:

Ahmed Rushdi is considered one of the most famous singers. He is one of the singers who cannot be found in the industry.

Ahmed Rushdi Initial Career:

He sang the first song for the Indian film "Ibrat'' in 1951. After this, he came to Pakistan and reached the heights of fame in 1954 with his song "Bandar Road Se Kemari Chali Hai Mere Ghora Gari". He was also an Idol of famous Indian film singer Kishore Kumar; Kishore Kumar later performed the song of Ahmed in England.

Collaboration with Renowned Music Directors:

Khalil Rasheed, a recognized music director selected Saleem Raza for the recording of a sad song "Kisi Chaman Mein Rahoo Tm" for the film "Anchal" but Saleem's performance didn't satisfy the director and then he selected Ahmed Rushdi for the re-recording of this song. He performed so well that he becomes the choice for his music compositions.

Ahmed Rushdi Ghazal Singer:

Ahmed Rushdi also invented a unique style of ghazal singing and made famous all over Pakistan by singing his ghazal "Mein Nahe Maanta" for the film Khamosh Raho. For the film "Joker" he recorded another ghazal "Shok E Awaaragi".

Pairing with Legendary Artist:

Ahmed Rushdi sang many songs for all the actors, the songs in his voice on Waheed Murad are still popular today including "Koo Koo Korina", and "Kuch Log Roth Kar" and his paring with actor Waheed Murad was very successful.

Ahmed Rushdi As an Actor:

He also acted in some films, with pronunciation only in Urdu but he also acted in Bengali, Oriya, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi.

Ahmed Rushdi Family:

He belongs to a Syed Family. His father Syed Manzoor Ahmad, was an Arabic and Persian teacher in Hyderabad Deccan and died in Rushdie's childhood. He was a very religious man and had no scandal throughout his life. On 30th November 1963, he married Humera. The couple is blessed with three daughters, Humera died after nine years of his husband's death.

Ahmed Rushdi Education:

Ahmed did not receive formal music training from a teacher, but his talent was God-gifted. Music and singing are in his blood, and he has been interested in music since his childhood.

Ahmed Rushdi Songs:

  • Bandar Road Sey Kimaari Mere Chalii Rey Ghoraa Gaari
  • Koo Koo Koreena
  • Kuch Log Rooth Ker Bhi Lagtey
  • Aj Is Shehar Main
  • Tumhe Ko Mubarak Hoo Dosti
  • Kisi Chamann Mein Rahoo


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