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Adam Sandler is an actor, comedian, writer, producer, and musician American, born September 9, 1966, in New York.

Real Name

Adam Richard Sandler


September 9, 1966


54 years


New York City, U.S.


Manchester Central High School





film producer


Years active



Jackie Sandler ​(m. 2003)



Net Worth

estimated $420 million

Early life and education

Born into a Jewish family in the neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York, Adam Richard Sandler is the son of Judy, a teacher of kindergarten, and Stanley Sandler, an engineer electrician (1935-2003), a descendant of Jewish immigrants from Russia.

When he was five, his family moved to Manchester, New Hampshire, where he attended Manchester Central High School. In his teens, he was a member of BBYO, a Jewish youth movement for teenage students. He discovered himself to be a natural comedian and nurtured his talent during his schooling at New York University, performing regularly in clubs or theaters and on campuses. He graduated in Fine Arts in 1988.

Later in his career, he often draws on his earliest memories of his skits and films. Thus, the song Lunchlady Land is dedicated to Emalee, a lady who cooked and served at the Hayden Dining Hall at New York University. Another example: In the comedy Click, Sandler goes to Lake Winnipesaukee, the largest lake in New Hampshire, where he attended summer camp.

Acting debut and revelation by Saturday Night Live (1987-1995)

It was in 1987 that he made his television debut by writing and playing various roles in the game show Remote Control, broadcast on MTV, before getting in 1988 a small role – that of Smitty Theo Huxtable’s friend – in the Cosby Show series, which he holds for four episodes (Smitty – Season 4 – episodes: 11, 12, 16, 23).

In 1989, he shot his first low budget film ($ 200,000) shot on a cruise ship going from New Orleans to Cancun for a Miss Universe contest, Going Overboard, for which he played the lead role and participated in the writing of the screenplay, which goes completely unnoticed. He continues to skim the stand-up scenes.

Discovered in a comedy club by Dennis Miller, Sandler moved to Los Angeles and was recommended by Miller to Lorne Michaels, producer of the comedy show Saturday Night Live, which airs on NBC. Hired as a screenwriter for Saturday Night Live in 1990, he also became from February 1991- after a few appearances – cast member of the show starring alongside Mike Myers, Chris Rock, and Rob Schneider.

With the latter, he developed humorous songs like The Chanukah Song, which obtained a success. It has been nominated for three consecutive years at the Emmy Awards for Best Writers’ Team in a Music or Variety Show. In 1995, he announced on The Tonight Show that he and Chris Farley had been fired from Saturday Night Live. 

In the meantime, he has established himself as a comedy star. He released three studio albums under the Warner Music Group label, They’re All Gonna Laugh At You (1994), What The Hell Happened To Me!, which contains the version of The Chanukah Song and What’s Your Name? (1995), which resulted in commercial successes and a Grammy nomination for They’re All Gonna Laugh At You in the Best Comedy Album category.

Commercial success in the cinema (1995-1999)

On the cinema side, after Going Overboard and a few appearances in the cinema that were poorly received by critics (Shakes the Clown, Coneheads, and Mixed Nuts, the remake of Santa Claus is a junk), he obtained his first main role with the comedy Airheads, in 1994, co-starring with Steve Buscemi and Brendan Fraser. Although not having obtained public and critical success, it gets the status of a cult film from the fans of rock and metal.

It’s in February 1995, that he had his first big commercial success in the cinema, with Billy Madison, of which he was also the co-writer. He plays the title role of the film, the story of a Fool who returns to school to inherit his father’s empire. The feature film performed moderately in theaters but achieved success in the video market and an MTV Movie Award nomination in the Best Comedic Performance category. He was fired from SNL in the following month.

In February 1996, Adam Sandler had his first critical and public success with Happy Gilmore, for which he wrote the screenplay. Bringing in $ 41 million in worldwide revenue, including $ 38 million in the United States, for an estimated budget of $ 10 million, the film places him as an actor to watch. Nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance, it also earned him his first of six Razzie Award nominations in the Worst Actor category.

He went on to box office success with Waterboy, who was also his first major commercial success, Wedding Singer, who also enjoyed some critical success, and Big Daddy, also serving as producer and screenwriter. He also produces other comedies, such as those starring his friend Rob Schneider.

Trade Confirmation and dramatic experiences (2000)

In 2000, after having created his production house “Happy Madison Productions”, whose name is inspired by the films Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, he plays the title role of a new schoolboy comedy, Little Nicky, but which this time obtains a disappointing box office score. The actor, therefore, decides to venture into a more dramatic register.

In 2002, after two appearances in the short-lived comedy series Undeclared, created by his friend Judd Apatow, he played the title role of the comedy-drama The Adventures of Mister Deeds, a remake of The Extravagant Mr. Deeds. If the actor finds commercial success, the reviews are quite negative. In addition, the actor is nominated for the Razzie Awards in the category of the worst actor. There followed an appearance as a bongo player in the comedy The Hot Chick, with Rob Schneider, which he produced through his production company.

It’s the first role in the Punch-Drunk Love romance that really allows her to redeem himself. In this dramatic film by acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, he plays a shy man meeting love. Although the film did not have the commercial success hoped for, the film received critical acclaim, and the actor was nominated for the Golden Globe for the first time in the category of best actor.

The actor then tries to return to a more respectable commercial cinema: first with the comedy Self Control (Anger Management), directed by Peter Segal, which allows him to face the actor Jack Nicholson. Then by filming a romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore, Love, and Amnesia, still directed by Segal and under his own supervision as executive producer. The first film brought in 133.8 million dollars and the second 120. Finally, it concluded the year 2004 with a more ambitious project, the comedy-drama Spanglish, directed by the respected James L. Brooks… If the project allows it to receive reviews superior to the two comedies, the box office stops at 42.1 million.

When he wasn’t touring, he recorded two other albums, the most recent of which, Shhh… Don’t Tell (2004), which included Stan the Man, a tribute to his father, who died in 2003.

In 2005, the actor co-starred in the comedy Half-time in the mitard, the remake of Plein la gueule, with another star of American humor, Chris Rock. The box office is excellent, at $ 175 million. He continued in 2006 with the science fiction comedy Click: remote control your life, directed by Frank Coraci. His wife is played by the English sex symbol Kate Beckinsale. Another commercial success, with $ 137 million.

The year 2007 allows him to make a big artistic gap: in March he delivers his second drama, with Open Heart, for which he plays a man destroyed by the loss of his family in the attacks of September 11, 2001. It is against use there, facing actor Don Cheadle. Reviews are positive, but the box office does not exceed 20 million. And in July 2007, he returns to a really schoolboy cinema with When Chuck Meets Larry, a parody on gay marriage, with another comedian revealed by television, Kevin James. Reviews are catastrophic, but the actor brings in $ 119 million.

In 2008, he starred in the satire Just For Your Hair, co-produced by his friend Judd Apatow, then at the end of the year, led a children’s film produced by Disney studios, Enchanted Stories. The two films are commercial successes, failing to seduce the majority of critics.

In 2009, the actor returned to a truly dramatic role, under the direction of his lifelong friend, director, screenwriter, and producer Judd Apatow, who entrusted him with the role of egocentric comedian George Simmons in Funny People. The actor co-stars with rising star American comedy Seth Rogen, but also Leslie Mann (whom she reunites with after Big Daddy). Eric Bana, Jonah Hill, and Jason Schwartzman complete the cast. Although critics praised it, the film did not achieve the expected commercial success. The 2010s are therefore placed under the seal of a return to schoolboy comedy.

Back to school comedies (the 2010s)

In 2010, he starred in Friends Forever, in which he reunited for the weekend of July 4 with his three childhood friends: played by Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, Kevin James, and David Spade. It is the actor’s biggest commercial hit, grossing $ 162 million. The reviews are catastrophic.

In 2011, he returned to the romantic comedy headlining The Mytho, this time surrounded by Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker. His own wife, Jackie Sandler, makes a cameo appearance in the film. $ 103.1 million. That same year, he also defended a comedy in which he played the dual-title role, male and female, Jack and Julie, directed by Dennis Dugan. The worst critics of his career and box office below do not prevent to continue within 2012, That’s My Boy by Sean Anders and John Morris – in 2013, the sequel Friends Forever 2, by Dennis Dugan – in 2014 the romance Family Blended, by Frank Coraci, which allows him to reunite with Drew Barrymore, which is a box office success by obtaining 121 342 813 million dollars in global revenue. The same year, he was part of the choral cast of the drama Men, Women and Children, by Jason Reitman. A critical and commercial flop.

He then signed a contract with the Netflix platform, to produce four exclusive films for them, with him headlining. Thus, in 2014, while the comedy-drama The Cobbler, by Thomas McCarthy, was a failure in theaters, he developed several projects for the platform: in 2015 first released the parody The Ridiculous 6, directed by Frank Coraci; in 2016 the action-comedy The Do-Over, by Steven Brill; in 2017 he played in the romantic comedy Sandy Wexler, still seven Brill.

The fourth and final film in the deal, however, is the comedy-drama The Meyerowitz Stories, directed by respected New York independent filmmaker Noah Baumbach. The feature film, in which Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman also participate, is presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2017.

During this period, the actor delivered his first blockbuster in theaters: the action and fantasy comedy for children Pixels, by Chris Columbus. He actively participates in the scenario, but it is the critical and commercial flop.

In March 2017, during the post-production of The Meyerowitz Stories, the actor signs a new four-film contract with Netflix. The first feature film is a comedy-drama that he also writes and produces: Marriage A Long Island sees him reunite with Chris Rock to play the fathers of the future groom for Chris Rock and that of the future bride for Adam Sandler whose weekend of festivities did not go as planned. The second feature film is the comedy Murder Mystery, which marks his reunion with Jennifer Aniston, seven years after The Mytho.

In 2019, he surprises the public once again in a dramatic register by playing in the thriller Uncut Gems by the Safdie brothers. His performance receives excellent reviews.

Adam Sandler Wife & Children

Adam Sandler got married on June 22, 2003, to Jackie Titone. They had two daughters: Sadie Madison Sandler, born on May 6, 2006, as well as Sunny Madeline Sandler, born on November 2, 2008. Also being an actress, she has made appearances in Adam’s films, such as Big Daddy, Little Nicky, Adam Sandler’s 8 Crazy Nights (her voice), Love and Amnesia, When Chuck Meets Larry, Just for Your hair, Enchanted Stories, just go with it, Friends forever and Friends forever 2, etc.

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