Buy Cars Online: A Guide to the Best Car Buying Sites in 2021

Buy Cars Online: A Guide to the Best Car Buying Sites in 2021

Are you looking for a car to buy?

Now looking for a car has been much easier than before. You just need to look in the right direction or website. With these best car buying sites in 2021, you can casually browse cars while lounging. Even for serious buyers, you can find your fit and easily proceed to the next steps with the help of their support.

Let's look at the best car-buying sites.


As the most well-known automobile buying and selling online auto marketplace, AutoTrader tops our ranking as the finest overall used car site. It is the go-to location to buy and sell an automobile because of its many listings and advanced search features.


AutoTrader, which was founded in 1997 and was the first nationwide online marketplace for new and used vehicles, is our top pick for the best site overall because of its reputation, reach, and extensive study guides. Three million vehicles are listed on the site, including thorough automobile reviews, buying advice, finance calculators, and more.

However, those who wish to sell on AutoTrader will have to pay a fee. The service charges between $25 and $90 for three to 30 photographs, reports on how many people have seen the ad, and Kelley Blue Book simultaneous listings. A premium ad placement, vehicle history report, and additional images are among the $15 to $20 extra options available. You can renew Ads for free every 30 days after the original payment.



Cars direct is all about the basics. You can look for used automobiles in a certain area by body style, price, make, and model. The search results include offers from both dealers and private sellers, as well as the ability to examine the Carfax record for your selected vehicle. When you locate what you're looking for, you can send an inquiry to the seller for more information, or you can ask for special financing if necessary. There are links to the websites of vehicle dealers and detailed maps with instructions to each store's location.



Hemmings,founded in the 1980s, became a popular online marketplace for antique vehicles and car parts. Website features blog, newsletter, and information about local auctions, car clubs and much more. This particular website is a vintage vehicle lover's dream and our best pick for the finest website for buying and selling antique cars.

Hemmings features several resources for true classic vehicle specialists, in addition to operating as an online marketplace for historic cars. Pricing information, buying suggestions, virtual dealer and auction showrooms, as well as a blog, email, and a variety of magazines for classic automobile enthusiasts, are all available.

Hemmings offers a variety of advertising packages to suit each seller's needs. For $99.95, users can create a two-week auction listing that includes a professionally written ad, unlimited photographs and videos, a personal listing concierge, and six months of premium classified advertising.

They provide two pricing packages for individuals selling outright: Silver ($129.95) contains a tiny 35-word ad with up to 35 photographs, and Gold ($189.95) includes a large 75-word ad with up to 50 photos. All advertising is published in Hemmings Motor News magazine for one month and online for six months.



At first sight, Autolist may appear identical to other sites on this list, but it has an advantage over the other car buying sites when it comes to mobile connectivity. Although the Autolist website is appealing and simple to use, it is the associated Android and iOS mobile app that sets it apart. The user-friendly program allows you to rapidly search other shopping applications' databases as well as dealership websites. It also includes details such as how long the vehicle has been on the market, how the asking price has changed over time, and how the vehicle's Carfax report appears. This is the resource for you if you like to shop for your next ride while on the go.


CarMax sells pre-owned vehicles such as SUVs, minivans, and various models ranging from budget to luxury. Unless otherwise stated, the firm owns the automobiles it sells, and all cars are located at CarMax dealership locations.


Tips for first-time purchasers, a car payment calculator, and optional service fixes and warranties are just a few of CarMax's useful resources. The company has 224 sites across the United States, with most of them offering free home delivery within a 60-mile radius. You will be charged shipping fees if you find an automobile in a distant location that needs to be sent.

CarMax also offers 24-hour test drives to help you determine if the vehicle is right for you. The company certifies all vehicles and offers a 30-day or 1,500-mile buy-back guarantee if you decide to return it. Additional warranties are available for purchase and include a 90-day or 4,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first.


What Is the Process of Buying a Car Online?

Online auto purchase sites come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own set of procedures. However, the bulk of them use their website for advertising automobiles from various dealerships and allowing you to search for specific cars, compare models, and view ownership history, images, and videos. Some even provide home delivery and loan applications right on the website.

Car-buying websites are created to make the car-buying process easier and faster. You can look for an automobile near your home or across the country using your smartphone or computer.

Is Using an Online Car Buying Site Safe?

Buying a car online can be safe, but there are certain precautions to take. Don't offer a personal vendor your personal information, such as your social security number or home address. Don't send money to a stranger or give them access to your bank account. Find a respectable and trustworthy vendor with a good reputation and a lot of positive feedback. Then complete out their secure online application and speak with a representative from the company.

Because there are online scams, stolen automobiles being sold, and autos being misrepresented, use your best judgment and conduct some research.

What Are the Advantages of Purchasing a Car Online?

The following are some of the advantages of shopping for a car online:

By buying online or through an app, you can save time.

Staying at home or at work and not driving to dealerships saves money.

Easily and quickly compare automobiles side by side

On the sites, you can save cars to look at later.

avoiding hours spent haggling or waiting for customer service in a dealership

Is it Possible to Bargain on an Online Car Buying Site?

There may be more possibility for negotiation if the automobile is advertised on the web by an individual owner, but they may not offer finance. If a dealer offers the automobile, they will almost certainly offer to finance, but their lowest price is usually already available online.

It also depends on whether the car is new or used, as well as your credit score. It doesn't hurt to inquire, and you might be able to negotiate a lower pricing, a lower delivery cost, or even a discounted warranty. 


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