Showbiz stars lit up at (PISA)- Gossip Pakistan

Showbiz stars lit up at (PISA)- Gossip Pakistan

Posted on Feb 10, 2020

Showbiz stars lit up at Pakistan International Screen Awards The first ceremony of the Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) was held last night (February 7) in Dubai, where many prominent figures from the Pakistani showbiz industry attended.

A large number of fans were seen at the event and everyone was seen making videos and photos with their favourite stars.

During the awards show, the focus was mostly on the style of the stars present, while photos of the actors and actresses went viral on social media.

Where one's style was liked, one's style was criticized as well.

Which style do you like the most in all these stars?

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan looks glowing like the stars on this occasion- Photo: Twitter

Farhan saeed
Actor Farhan Saeed and actress Urwa Hussain also gracefully part of the event - Photo: Instagram

sana javed
Actress Sana Javed won the hearts of everyone - Photo: Instagram

Ayesha Omer
Actress Aysha Omar's bold style also attracted attention - Photo: Instagram

Momina mustehsan
Singer Momina Mustehsan wears a yellow gown on the occasion - Photo: Instagram

umair jaswal
Actress Sana Javed, singer Umair Jaswal, singer Aima Baig and actor Shahbaz Shigri took a photo together - Photo: Instagram

hareem shah
Hareem Shah wears a red gown at the awards - Photo: Instagram

ushna shah
Actress ushana Shah's style received a mixed response - Photo: Instagram

sarwat gillani
Actress Sarwat Gilani wears blue saree on occasion - Photo: Instagram

imran abbas
Imran Abbas looks stylish even during awards like every other time - Photo: Instagram

ali zafar
Singer Farhan Saeed, Ali Zafar and Umair Jaswal take a memorable photo together - Photo: Instagram

Actress Meera along with Captain Naveed will be part of the event - Photo: Instagram


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