And The Nominees For 3rd Hum Awards Are

And The Nominees For 3rd Hum Awards Are

Dubai is the showtime when the HUM Awards go international. Promised to be the biggest and best cracker of the year, and we'll get some special photos from Dubai soon. There are only 3 days left, and our birdie has told us that their preparations are underway, let's take a look at the nominations and select the favorite CDs from some of the top categories in the drama series.

Best actress
The star of Khushbhat Sabha for Sanam Jang is high
I love you for Saba Qamar Bonti
Mahra Khan for your honesty
Aizaz Khan for Mir Mehraban
Ayesha Khan for Mahram
Saba Qamar for Digest Writer
For Maya Ali Ali Shankaft
I Love You in Saba Qamar for Bonti: A Powerful Performance, a portrayal of a complex character of a beautiful woman in her late 30s. Money for money She married an older man at an early age, Saba fell in love with a little boy from a poor family and the story revolves around the intricacies of this relationship. Sania's flawless performance balances the negative and positive colors in Dania's role very well, which is why we are betting on her to take the award home.

Saba Qamar

Best actress
Mikal Zulfiqar for the star of Mohibbh Sabh Ka
Adnan Malik Sadiq for you
Ali Rehman for Fragrance AB NAHI HUGI
Ahmed Khan for Miss
Adhesive cystic fibrosis
Ideal Hussain for Love is the star of all
Adnan Malik for your century: An angry young man in whose love there is such an angry young man, Adnan Malik alias Khalil is beyond the imagination of every girl. Beautiful, elegant, romantic and determined, Khalil is in love and Adnan has brought the character to life easily. When he does romance on screen, he does it easily to SRK, when he is aggressive he is Bachchan, I think that's enough and the reason is that we have a chance on April 9. But want to see him as a prominent man.

Adnan Malik

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
The star of Manshabha Pasha for Khushbhat Sabha is high
Bring for Sabreen Hasbani
Maheen Khalid for Digit Writer
Neelam Munir for my kindness
Sania Shamshad Sadiq for you
Mansha Pasha for MSKSH: Loud and disgusting Pasha, we are all cousins. Maintaining the character from a lower middle class and greedy family was a real challenge that Pasha accepted and did justice to the fact that they still want to slap you even if they don't stay in your face. Our pick for the category, clearly Mansha Pasha.

Mansha Pasha

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Junaid Khan for FIAAC
Bring for Khalid Mala
Radhan Sheikh to you Sadiq
Fahad Mirza for martyrdom
I love you Ali ID Ali for Bounty
Junaid Khan for FIAAC: This is not a brainstorming session. Anxious childhood and a complicated marriage combined with the monsters of the past gave Junaid Khan such performances that the audience liked even more. From a negative, closed and difficult man on a journey to find out the truth about his past and reconnect with his roots, Junaid did justice to every shadow of the character and we took his award to him without any difficulty. Trying to

Junaid Khan

The best drama serial
Digit Writer by Larchi Enterprise
The star of Momina Sabha is through Momina Durood Productions
By Momina Durood / Samina Humayun Saeed / Sadiq Ahmad Shah
Meet the benefactors through 7th Sky Entertainment
I love you through Mominai Droid Productions
By Momina DURAID Productions
Called by A.N.K Productions
Digest Writer by Larichi Entertainment: We are seeing the growing popularity of dramas revolving around helpless, victimized, abused women, the story of an individual from a lower middle class family who I have dreamed in spite of many difficulties in my personal life. Being a digest writer and eventually becoming a great playwright makes it great. While we are surprised to find no nominations for male lead in dramas for Best Actor type, we have to say that the entire cast's acting, direction, simple yet inspiring story and drama's popularity all play a role. And come together as a great presentation that guides the category of the best drama series and we have a condition in this regard.

Digest Writer

Best actor in a negative role
Farah Shah is the star of love
Azma Gilani for FIAAC
Samia Mumtaz for your honesty
YUMNA ZAIDI for Mausam
Armina Rana for Hobbies
Samia Mumtaz Far Sadiq Tamhara: 'Hell is not as hot as a woman's.' Was In the love story, Samia, who is a constant source of trouble, plays the role of the mother of heroines who oppose the marriage of their daughters to their sisters and the son of an ex-fianc لئے. Make sure she wants them. This role is completely negative and Samia enjoys everything because of the balance and talent of the actor.



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